Pulse University - a Mech Game (WiP) - Updated 1/21/2019



Hey! Dropping in to say that I’m really happy to see this got an update. There was a small error I noticed: when Connor’s Pulse is introduced, it’s called “Fullback,” but throughout the rest of the game it’s called “Linebacker.” Did you mean to change his Pulse’s name?


@Aviator467 the new chapter is quite good, there are some things that still could be polished, but overall it’s still entertaining. I like some of the one-liner you put as the MC won against the Juggernaut.

Also, I finally try playing as female, and…can we still have Mina as our cousin even though the MC is male? Please?


This is fun and interesting. I particularly enjoy experimenting with pulse and weapon combinations.

I’m kind of annoyed that my 30+ mental isn’t good enough to help Astrid with her course work.

Will it always be either me or my choice of sixth teammate in solo or will other characters be able to take that position at certain points in the story?

Will our teammates skill and pulse progression be under our control, adaptive to our role, or limited to linear progress?

Will there be less team and pulse based plot lines to overcome? Such as corruption or bias in the system?

Or conversely, deeper team issues, like neglected health or mid/pre battle cases of breaking under the pressure?

Will their be a random element to the game switching up enemy team builds to keep combat interestingly unpredictable?

Could we possibly choose which of the two relatives you live with?

At some point later in the story will we have the option to get our own apartment or move in with one of our teammates?


@Aviator467 Is there a way to make it where you don’t have to decide to bench anybody for example instead of the choice between the two to put on the bench, instead can our character say something like “Since both of you are valuable members of the team and I can see that it might be wiser to just switch between the two of you depending on the opponent and situations.” That would make more since to me because no matter who you have to choose between, they are valuable in the right kind of fights. It also does not make me fill as bad.


@ColorWheel huh, would you look at that… yeah no his pulse name was supposed to be Full Back (since that’s actually a position in rugby) but I ended up calling it linebacker due to my familiarity with western football… I’ll look into changing it unless we think linebacker sounds cooler or something.

@charaznable you like Mina that much more than shun? I’m not too sure I’ll be doing that as it would basically force me to rewrite every scene involving your cousin until now. When I was making it I just figured it made sense to go live with a cousin of your same gender, but it doesn’t have to be I guess.

@Disciple glad you liked it! Shouldn’t be too hard to add a stat check in that part to help ya feel intellectually superior. The sixth teammate is the most qualified member for the solo, but you can challenge that and do it yourself. Your team will get better throughout the story, but noticeably the fourth group mate you select will see quite a lot of growth. Absolutely, going solo versus group splits the entire battle mechanic of the story in two. There will be more to the story outside of character development and battleing, but keep in mind this is kinda what the story is rotating around. One of the future battles has your benched teammate filling in for their opposite whom has become incapacitated and the team will have to deal with the problems that arise there. I’m not too sure a random factor would be easily done, but I’m not saying no outright to it. In the first installment you will live exusivly with your cousin.

@Tylar11021 I’m considering leaving this choice as is because there needs to be some choices with weight behind them. I want the Mc to think about who they predict will help the team more, and deal with the consequences of the neglected other.


My first thought was that the similarities to ACE Academy were a little hard to ignore. There are certain commonalities in any “go to school for pilots” setup but so far War Games hasn’t had much of a chance to set itself apart: There are more customization options for the MC but you still wind up a half-American transfer to Japan whose father was a mecha engineer, your mech is outdated but has a “trump card,” the school is set up (and described) almost identically, you even have a scene where the MC leaves his/her phone charging in their mecha and is embarrassed and scolded over it. It’s possible they’re intended as fun references but it may be a few too many from the same source; I found it somewhat distracting, especially in the earlier bits, but obviously this is dependent on the player.

It’s still early days, of course, and I’d like to see War Games branch out into something definitively its own. One major positive is the characters, who have a lot of room to develop: For example, if you pick Toshi and ask about his English you learn he has a condition that makes it hard to communicate verbally, which makes him a bit more complex and impressive considering he’s able to communicate in English (more-or-less) despite having difficulty even in his native tongue. The multinational aspect is also something I’d like to see explored since you mentioned that Pulse technology and attitudes vary between countries, and the fact that you can change your secondary nationality makes for interesting possibilities with characters from different backgrounds: Rivalries, comparisons, etc. Hopefully we’ll see more development along these lines, maybe even the inclusion of a rival-type character? They’re often one of my favorites to interact with whether they’re part of a larger plot or restricted to one particular arena.

Overall, and despite my first paragraph, you have a very solid foundation; as a player, I appreciate the obvious effort that went into this game and anticipate seeing more of the world you’re creating. I’ll be following this thread closely!


3 questions my first play through was a max speed rogue with duel short swords and I was wondering…1)will we be able to test our skills against cloe…I ended up differing to her for the solo spot because based on how she is build up she is monster, but I still am curious to see how I match up with her. 2) I may have missed this, but will there be an opportunity where all the team (-minus or bench person) will all have to fight together in an event. 3)Lastly is possible to create a sniper pulse class?..


@Telos So first off, thank you for writing this. Praise is fun and heart warming, but criticism is how I can really make my story good. About the half American part, you can see in my update log where that was changed- originally the MC was fully from their country of origin and no American nationality had to be involved. This created a few issues and we decided that this was the most effective way of the MCs back story making sense, unfortunately this also is what AA did. I wouldn’t exactly call an extra modification slot early on a trump card, your Pulse is not on par with others at GPU even with whatever modification you selected. There is no comically OP core override you can activate whenever you feel like winning. To compete here you’ll need to be a better pilot than the others. Not going to try and defend the phone charging scene, although I do intend on going back and changing some early parts to hopefully stand out more… I’ll just add this to this list! The similarities to AA were hard for me to avoid especially early on, but the longer the story goes on, hopefully my ideas for War Games will stand out more.

I’m still glad there were parts you enjoyed though, I love when people tell me stuff they like so I can focus on it more.

@jmar if you select live training, I see no reason why you wouldn’t be able to in the future. Perhaps next chapter I’ll switch up who you train against, keep in mind both Tex and Chloe are very good pilots in their respective areas. As of right now, you’re whole team is only able to fight together in the bot training stage. Fights are probably going to stay 4v4 and 1v1, but I’m not promising this will always be the case. Sniper classes should look to the longbow style pulse as it has base damage modifiers and enough speed to stay out of harms way. I know up until now there might not have felt like a need for the high penetration weapons like the rail gun provide, as your opponents have either been weak and most attacks work, or too strong where no attack works, but this won’t always be the case.


Ahh i see…lol i look forward to the next chapter.


If the arena can fit eight pulses with room to split up and fight separate duels, then it shouldn’t it able to host an 8 man free for all?

The demo mentions an individual and team ranks. Will you develop a system for determining rank increase or will it increase by a set amount linearly depending on whether you win or lose? or maybe a mix of both(system for individual rank but linear team rank)?


Good update! Really enjoying the game so far. To echo others this does remind me of Ace Academy, but in a good way! There is a lot of differences so far in this, and my guess is the plot will go a lot of different ways! (I can not even really remember the main plot from Ace XD…just some of the romance plots tbh).
Just curious, have you considered adding bios of the main characters? Just wondering as I sometimes have trouble keeping some of the details straight, but it is not a big issue.
Also, is the end of the update where you are looking at the bios of the opposing team? Because I can not select Alex.
Great work so far and looking forward to more!


@Disciple the arenas would be big enough to host a 8 man ffa, but in my experiences those require as much luck as skill and I think I’m going to keep clear of that. Going solo will give you a higher individual rank and the opposite for group and team rank. Passing skill checks in battle hep raise this and failing checks and getting delivered hurt them.

@Jeeshadow1 Bios couldn’t hurt and don’t sound that hard to add, I’ll probably look at doing this. Also to open the Alex bio you need to read the other three bios first as there is a little bit of dialogue that leads into his. The chapter ends after your first actual fight


Huh… I clicked and read the other bios multiple times but Alex’s never ungreyed… Will have to try again later.


@Jeeshadow1 yeah that’s weird, because I know others have gotten past that point. I’ll take a look at it myself also


It appears directly after you read a all three profiles once. If you read any of the others instead when it appears, it will reset to gray. I am not sure if reading a profile more once prior to unlock will invalidate the process.


Ah! That might be it!


I understand, I’ll change it from having to have read exactly three profiles to reading more than two.


Would anybody who is knowledgeable in the subject be willing to help me work out a save feature? I’ve tried it before (and unknowingly crashed my WiP for a few weeks), but the posts online don’t seem to be helping me.


Egh, haven’t we talked about this before? :expressionless:

Anyway, if local saving isn’t your priority, feel free to follow these steps wildly:

  1. In your startup.txt. Add this code
*sm_init wargames | 3
  1. Upload it to your dashingdon.com account
  2. In dashingdon.com dashborad, go to your game menu (in this case, War Games)
  3. Check the tickbox “Use CJW’s smPlugin.js saving,” something worded like that
  4. Don’t forget to apply and run a check

P.s. The word “wargames” in the code can be replaced with whatever you want. It’s just a unique keyword to identify it among other dashingdon.com WIPs’ save slots.


@Evan_Hebb expect more in December. I’ve been struggling in school, and am trying to finish that out. Should be able to do some over break here, maybe make an update or two