Pulse University - a Mech Game (WiP) - Updated 1/21/2019



The alternative would be to add the option to abstain from the interactions


I tried to enter “Russia” and game says “Unfortunetly, the people of Earth haven’t heard of that place in many years. Where are you from?”. Is that fixable?


Ah okay, and anyway it seems your stats increase by themselves as you go through school(hopefully not a glitch it actually makes sense)


Many of the small options have stat increases, like who you hang out with


Hi! I can’t load my save game. It says bad slot or something?


@Reymark_Serentas unfortunately I never got the save feature to work.


@Gapaot haha I forgot I had that in there, that would have been kind of an Easter egg to a sub plot I threw out some time ago.

in this timeline, Russia never adapted to the Pulse infused world and quickly fell behind everyone else and lost their status as a superpower. They tried to pull a Germany and start WW3 to bring their country back, but they were quickly defeated by the combined forces of the world. Russia was transformed into a barren, radiation filled wasteland and besides a few remote villages is considered uninhabited. I was going to have a terrorist sub plot in the story, where a former general pulls together what was left of the Russian military to seek revenge on the world, and the Pulses he blamed the downfall of his country on. He decided to target Nagoya, as it was a symbol to the world of Pulse achievement… but in hindsight this all sounds kinda dumb so I scrapped it. I know people are coming to play this story to fight in giant robots not have some generic sub story shoved down their throats.

I’ll probably fix that message and allow the player to be from russia should they choose to.


Can you perhaps fix the save system in the near future? I always have to restart again from the beginning everytime I close the browser

Also, actually instead of a sub-plot, that idea actually serves better as a main plot, since the game so far didn’t have any antagonist at all. That idea you battling a terrorist cell might be cliche for a academy story like this, but what you write, I think, is good enough as the antagonistic forces of the story, at least for Book One.


@charaznable I’ll give it another go here. Last time I tried it messed up the entire link and no one could play haha.

I have a two page intro to the villain I can throw in the ending of stride if we want to see what it might look like


You know what I was just thinking after playing the update? “I really like this game, but it could use a memorable antagonist”. Praise be!


Your reply made me curious myself, actually what made a good villain, what made them stand out and memorable?

I’m in the process of writing stories myself, and perhaps I can use these as references


It depends of the type of story you want to tell, to be honest. That being said, the best ones often have a personal connection to the Main Character, be it blood, rivalry, prolonged interactions, ect.

For instance, in Choice of Games products, I think the two most memorable antagonists we were given are Jun/ko from Samurai of Hyuga, and CJ from Slammed. In both cases, the confrontation is made incredibly personal - sure, there may be other reasons thrust into the mix, bu all in all, the story makes a great job of showing that there is a score to be settled there.


I have to agree since those are pretty much the only two antagonist i can actualy remember on top of my head, all the others bad guys, i remember them by their archetype, except Victon from Hero rise i guesse but he was in all the three games so it probably play a part too


Interestingly enough, they’re not even the only antagonists of their respective games. Jun/ko only really showed up once in three games (with a few ‘offscreen’ scenes as a bonus), while some of the demons the MC fought had a much greater screentime, while fighting CJ in he end-game is actually optional, with two other characters potentially ending up as the final challenge.

Yet in both cases, it feels like those other antagonists don’t matter. They’re just obstacles to overcome on your way to the end of the game, that’s all. And sure, defeating them would be quite an achievement in-universe. But narratively, they hold little weight.

Ultimately, you don’t exactly need such a close antagonist for a story to be successful. There’s a ton of good games and stories where the main opponent is just someone the MC has little connection with. Yet having personal stakes is definitely a plus in my book.


That make me think that if there was to be an antagonist here, it should be either the character we put on the bench, that grow ressentfull and start fucking shit up for us or related to the dead parent


Not sure the benched character has enough weight to make for a great antagonist. Among the team, the only ones who might fulfill this role would be heavyweights like Astrid or Chloe - if not for the personal history, at least for the challenge they pose - but I don’t think that’s the direction the story is going for.

Someone related to [insert dead parent] could work in theory, but I’m not sure how you’d bring that up in a sport setting. “You killed my father/mother! Now I’m going to challenge you to a sport event, and then you’ll be sorry!”


maybe not in their mecha but outside of it ? they have more than enough to be a real pain to you until discovered , they can sabotage the team, give info to the ennemy, try to get someone injured so they can be on the main team, etc

that’s basicaly how it works in anime, so why not ? hell, in Inazuma eleven, that’s how they deal with a guy who is almost a mass murdered given how many people he killed in one way or another, that’s also how they stopped a dictatorship from the future


@Talyrion @Balrog_Demorgothe
I just realized that one of the MC’s parent is dead. :joy:
Yeah, maybe that could be used as one of the motivation why we are fighting the antagonist. Common, but effective.

Speaking of CoG games villain, I have to agree thay Jun/ko from Samurai of Hyuga is awesome, one of my favorite antagonist, aside from the Supervillains from CCH.


The problems with the supervillains in CCH is that the narration present your own weakness as the obstacle when facing them, rather than presenting the villains themself as the obstacle, so it make them kind of ‘out of focus’


Have you considered Bifocals?
I kid, i kinda see what your talking about there.