Pulse University - a Mech Game (WiP) - Updated 1/21/2019



Too low, I don’t know, but I do think they are unbalanced.


I don’t have a problem with them. They haven’t really been much use up to this point though so it may be too early to judge but I’ve never had a stat low enough that I went into the grading match with a disadvantaged pulse.


I go into it as pilot, then study and never have issues.
Even with vulnerability though I don’t puck up if I just play to the strengths of my pulse.
I suspect early on choice of how you got in will have dramatic effect at different times in the game.


Ok, so I’ve decided to delay the choice to pick a new weapon/increase your stats to the next chapter seeing as I’m not sure how I want to implimant it yet and because I’m so close to finishing the chapter stride- I don’t want to make y’all want any longer!

As for the stats there’s two ways of working them I see: the first is to get all your stats at the beginning of the game and usually have higher stats earlier on. I’m doing mine where you have to build yours on over the course of the game. So yes they seem low right now, but it’s not like I made any of the stat checks unreasonable (hopefully). You’ll have to keep building something like mental if you plan on using it throughout the game.

Also i still consider this game to be in its early stages despite the next chapter nearly doubling the word count… we’re in for a long ride everyone!


moving to Japan to become a pilot
Parent dies
Needs a group then dude comes up out of nowhere to ask you to join
The 3 girls Hannah Chloe and Astrid are the main girls in the game and they are somewhat the same…
God I’m so gonna play this game


Wow, that sounds a lot of word count. Any estimates for the total word count right now?


We’re missing a possessive sister, a aggressive conspiracy corporation, and a goofy fun uncle.


@8man I loved that game too :slight_smile: buckle up cus I’ll try and drop another 40k today

@charaznable not a clue. Currently sitting at 82k but I’d say a lot of that comes from the fight scenes (you can fight 5 different battles this chapter for ex). Do I split it up and make a part 1 and part 2 l? I don’t particularly want to do that…

@Drakeye once the mc gets to hang out with the team more they will notice more differences between them and their AA “counterpart(s).”


Easy ∞ parts the story shall never end ahahaha

It’s not nessisarily a bad thing, individuality is good though. Being somewhat simmilar but different to AA is a good thing.
I do love AA and simmilar games, and this is both simmilar and different so yay!
Good game so far
Can’t decide yet who I like more on the option of who is added to team so hard to choose.


Is it just me or is this game a whole lot like Ace Academy?


It has been commented on many times. In fact just two posts up the author mentioned it.


@Personaddict07 look a few posts up :smiley:


@Aviator467 It’s okay if it’s long, a fight scene needs to use a lot of imagery or some kind like that right? Beside, as long as its entertaining and works, just leave it. (Laugh)

@Drakeye Not gonna lie, but I’m pretty sure a lot of people will/might have came to try the game because of Ace Academy or something like Infinite Stratos. The first time I try the demo, I can sense anime material all over the text, which is good by the way.


It finally happened! So I know i hinted at this happening yesterday… but editing took way longer than I expected. That and I also added an extra 8,000 words last night, whoopsies.

Thank you everyone for being patient with me, we have so much to talk about now! I eagerly await your feedback


Latina dungeon planet XD

i love Toshi, it’s official, just too bad the imgur link isn’t a real one, that would have been a good joke XD

also i agree with the narrator, the samurai class kinda invalid the other choices


I’m so glad people are accepting Toshi, I was deeply afraid people would be upset with him and call me racist :joy:


Toshi is awesome! The lack of basic understanding of the English language is what makes him cool in my book. That and what he said during the first meeting just cracks me up over and over again.


I know enough people who suck at english in my country to know that a lot of non native english speaker would sound like that anyway, so i have no reason to see that as racist

also it make what he say even more hilarious and insane so it’s a real + to his character XD


“Well, it looks important so it’s gotta go.“ I love your writing style has me cracking up a lot more than usual, and loved the fight and scenes and relationship building scenes. But missing the option to be anti social and go workout or study.


@BrandonH that was originally the plan, but people didn’t like having to choose between that and the character development