Pulse University - a Mech Game (WiP) - Updated 1/21/2019



That settles it the author has spoken about it clearly.
We can stop that argument now hopefully it was beginning to get kinda stale.


@Andrew_Stapleton while I hopefully explained what I’m trying to do with the story, I most definetly am not shutting down the possibility of the MC obtained a pulse designed for the military, oh I don’t know… towards the end of the story maybe? :wink:


If your mother was in the army why can’t you use her pulse.


Presumably because it would belong to the army, not her.

That or it got destroyed at some point.


@Aviator467 Are you going to add any actual Japanese weapons? (Like Katana)


@Tylar11021 before this chapter ends your mechanic will ask for upgrades to your pulse. It’s going to be a two stage question where you can increase a stat then choose a new weapon or simply raise two stats. The list of weapons so far is

Sword and Shield
Rotary Cannon
Plasma Caster

But I’m up for suggestions. Obviously with this many weapon there might be some overlay with stats/purpose


There is a shield that I was wanting you to add to the game that works like Montagne from rainbow six siege. Basically the shield has an extended form where it works just like the shield that you all ready have but it also has a retracted form where you can hold the shield in one hand and a handgun in the other hand. When it is in the retracted form the gun hand and feet are exposed, so it want be OP. It just feels to me like it could make having the shield a more viable option for ranged battle.


How about rocket boots, or something like that? For those of us that think that weapons are for weaklings and that punching and kicking your way to victory is the path of the true warrior!


Shoulder-mounted weapon ? it would be cool to basicaly have a pulse that would work like a predator

maybe a spear (or spear and shield) or a glaive as weapons, to have more variety for melee ? and maybe stuff with grenades or rockets for ranged weapon ?

maybe legs weapon ? for those that prefer kicking rather than punching (or would like both)

also for the ‘i channel my own power as a weapon’, what does it imply exactly ? because i don’t have a clear enough idea to have suggestions for that category


@Balrog_Demorgothe basically you need to have enough energy reserve to use that weapon. The weapons in that category require a large amount of power to use and if didn’t build your pulse to handle a lot of extra power you can’t, for example, use lightning


Maybe some kind of ‘core beam’ like Iron Man does, would work to expend that category ?


With the stat increases is it going to be pilot stats (piloting, physical, etc) or pulse stats (speed, strength, durability, etc) or both? I imagine it’s going to be pulse stats since they’re mechanics and all.

I need to ask but where did these new weapons come from? Once you’ve gotten a team do they give you access to some sort of Armoury? Will our teammates be swapping their loadout?

I’m most likely going to stick with the stat increases. No point changing weapons/fighting styles when we (presumably) trained in the one weapon to make it this far.


@WolfieGrey stat increase goes to your pulse. You have the electives this chapter to raise your individual stats. As for the weapons they will be slightly better than the starter weapons, as you’re giving up a second stat increase to choose them.


I can see certain benefits to some of the combos over others (i.e sword and shield so you can close safer) but that also means that - if you choose to upgrade the weapon (i.e the plasma on the longsword) and then swap to something else you’ve basically wasted a choice.


@WolfieGrey while this would be true, the newer weapons will have better stats so hopefully this cancels out. Not too sure how I want to work it yet


Fair enough. I’ll withhold further comments until I see how it is implemented. That said, it would be nice if our starting weapon/s weren’t rendered moot and continued to have their own advantages so that it wouldn’t be a wasted choice, presuming the stat upgrade you get from upgrading your weapon initially leaves along with the weapon.

What might be cool is if using the “fight with my fists” if you had the “rocket fists” upgrade you could later add some sort of chain or something to fire your fist out like a harpoon and then reel it back in it.

Your enemy whose weapon has longer reach than you thinks he is safe and then BAM flying fist to the face. Hell you could then even swing it and backhand someone trying to flank you before it returns to your wrist.


@WolfieGrey Yeah, I think rocket fist is kind of a must for a Pugilist-type mecha. Although in hindsight, you also need to prepare if your enemy catch yoyr flying arms, making you fight with one arm short.

@Aviator467 can we have spear or MH Swordaxe for the weapon upgrade? Also, what if we prefer to stick with our old weapons? Will it be upgraded instead?


I think a energy whip or chain sword would be a cool weapon as one of the few melee weapon that can hit a farther distance than a sword but still be limited to medium range combat.


Mecha sized grenades anyone?


Good point… Until you realize that nnameka installed it so it can go both ways and you reel yourself in and body slam your opponent :joy:

Still though depending on the weapon of the opponent they’re also down an arm. Who knows, may stop them from firing off their own rotary cannon.

Actually… Thinking on it further you could operate it so that you shoot your hand out, grip the opponent and pull them towards you which may throw them off balance.


Char makes a good point with upgrading the old weapons (some of them anyway). For example the assault rifle is being advertised as highly customisable. Given the access of new tech/weaponry I see no reason you couldn’t choose, for example, the energy shield at the beginning and then add the grenade launcher attachment later on.


By the way, is it just me or the personal stats feels too low or unbalanced at the start?