Pulse University - a Mech Game (WiP) - Updated 1/21/2019



This is an amazing work, I already got hooked since the beginning.
Question though, could we also use weapons like axe, spears, and lance? Want to make a spearman-type mech but the long melee weapon option is more of a staff than spear.


So how would the lone wolf route play out? Would we still interact with our current team or what about mechanics? I totally chose Kat and the gang as my mechanic btw lol


Yeah, she seems like a good choice, though i heavily hesitated between her and the asian guy, he was hilarious and reminded me of Jacki Chan’s adventure, i still can’t really decide between them


I can’t choose Kat. Reading her dialogue is just painful. I realize it’s meant to be a joke on the Aussie Bogan, but I feel it’s taken too far.

The Toshi is funny and all, but I usually go for the lionpack. They just scream badass. Speaking of which, lion “pack”? Not “the lion pride” or “the lion’s pride”? Oh well. So long as they do their job they can call themselves whatever they like.


They take themself too seriously for me, i’m the bad ass hero, the support team’s role is to be wacky nerds in one way or another

that’s how i see it at least


@charaznable I do have a plan to encorporate a melee/ranged weapon with an upcoming upgeade choice

@Robert_Snead solo versus group just determines which fight you’re entering that week. You still watch and support the other fight and are a part of your team.

@WolfieGrey The MC learns more about the CPM group they chose in the next chapter. Kat is explained better (hopefully :sweat_smile:)


Where’s BT-7274?


So you will always be part of that team that’s a let down i was hoping for a lone wolf solo style.


No Big O story for us
but still many other stories available.


@Andrew_Stapleton in the next chapter you have the choice to fight as your teams solo or join up with them in a group fight. Each route leads to completely different fights that may require different strategies and skills. If you don’t want to fight with your team, go solo and show those losers why you’re a beast pilot!


Looking at the index Style will be important for Solo fights. How big of an impact is this going to have exactly?

Also, is the “Team Player/Lone Wolf” opposed states going to have much effect? I noticed some Pulses and weapon load outs give you a bonus to either one.


@WolfieGrey (this is subject to change) you can always choose to be in the group stage but you will need to lean toward to lone wolf side to pick that option. I would say it has a pretty big impact story wise, you’ll be playing a different story solo than group. This is again to stress replay-ability: I hate stories you can only play through once so I’m trying my hardest to make one that’s worth playing through multiple times.


I can dig it. As long as I can romance toph, on both sides, I won’t be complaining.


I also feel the same way. From personal experience, people like the Lionpack is hard to work with, too demanding and perfectionist. Toshi on the other hand, with his weak english skill level could cause problem in the future, especially since communications between pilots and mechanics will be very important. Miscommunication could be fatal for jobs like this.

At least that’s what I learned from what happened to me though.


@Aviator467 Can you add a mod for the shield where there is a sword inside of it or add a sword and shield weapon to the game. Also if you could make the shield work like Montagne from rainbow six siege it would make the shield a more viable option for the ranged players. If you don’t know what I am talking about I can explain.


I have no idea how you will be the best pilot with the rust bucket we have now but i might as well try.


Btw, where did you got the impression that our pulse is “rust bucket”? I don’t remember where, but I think I also saw it un-implicitly stated.

Perhaps our pulse is just as good as the last-gen pulse, and not necessarily a rusted tin can. Maybe that can be rectified @Aviator467 ?


Again I’ll point to Tex. Out of all the Pulses we’ve seen so far his is easily the most out of date and worn out. Yet he is still in the top ten. There is clearly more to being a skilled pilot than having the newest toys.


Well, it’s possible. But then that means that the MC is pretty average when it comes to piloting, since their absolute best at the ranking exam is barely making the first half. So if we say “the MCs pulse is just as good as the others” then it seems to imply that the MC just isn’t that good at piloting, especially compared to guys like Tex, as the post above confirmed - and in the training department, there’s no reason for them to be lagging behind apart maybe from truly unique cases like Astrid.

Given this, it’s easy to see why many players chose to blame the machine.


@Szaal your pulse was built in one way or another with the help of your father. He was/is a good technician and your pulse is not out of its league here in GPU, But you won’t be winning by simply having the better tech in this story. Being a better pilot is a theme in this story as Tex and Hannah illustrate.

@Talyrion your “homemade” pulse may have had a good impact on your initial ranking. For as humorous as I try to make it, GPU is still the most elite academy for Pulse pilots… being ranked half is still quite the accomplishment here. That being said your out of date pulse will NOT keep you from rising through the ranks.