Pulse University - a Mech Game (WiP) - Updated 1/21/2019


Well hopefully just remote operation piloting otherwise it could get real odd real quick.
Are we like Rc toys to them?

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small update fixing a couple of concerns and suggestions. I need help with the save idea since that seems important- but every time i try and work it in I get an error message.


Hey anything new to look forward to?

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Hmm, what do you mean by getting error message?


@Szaal It doesn’t recognize the *sm_init Command

@Evan_Hebb nothing new to post yet but I’m alive and still working on it! Next chapter includes your first training session with the team as well as your first ranked match so expect a fair amount of combat


Ah, that’s because you haven’t included the .js files for the command.
You should be able to get the file on the “CJW’s save plugin” thread page.

And this is my reply from another thread.


That sounds great! Oh if we win our ranked match can we get a upgrade to our Pluse?


@Evan_Hebb something like that is in the plan, yes

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The demo link isn’t working :worried:


its been like that since the attempt at a save state system.

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I was starting to worry that this wip was dead


@LisaEscobar17 Didn’t know dashingdon was down, thought it was only on my end I’ll fix it. Looks like I won’t be pushing a save system out this next time around however


Links up and working again, my bad guys


Figured it was becuase you were busy with rl or editing stuff. Save system has fun screwing with stuff and is difficult at times no big deal.


Haha yeah so just a heads up I have been busy irl but fully intend to keep working on this, I have been on it so don’t worry. I’ve ben giving the story thought pretty much every day and kind of mapping out where I want this to go mentally - now I just need to write it down. I have some super fun(ny) stuff planned, I always check back here every day in case someone had a question or something and am kinda embarrassed it took me this long to find out my link wasn’t working :sweat_smile:
As I said a long time ago this is my first legit WiP and I’ve had a lot of fun communicating with the community! Maybe a week or two for the next update if I really go at it


I’m glad the demo works now, this was great! I can’t wait to read more :smiley:


@Liza_P Glad you like it :slight_smile:

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So just wondering will we always be stuck with the rust bucket Pulse we have now or can we get a better one cause i just want a military pulse to kick some ass with.


@Andrew_Stapleton The MC will be able to upgrade their pulse throughout the story


does anyone have smaller pulses than us
cuse the way its described i picture having to look up at the smallest pulse that isnt our from our pulse.

Mc pulse: oh hi there your the runt pulse you say? looks straight ahead being about nipple height well crud your giant and well built what do i have again? Kicks groin & lightning bolts face oh right im palpatine and yoda in one…