PS4 Vs Xbox One


So what is the better buy? Xbox one or PS4? I still love my 360 and keeping t thanks to backwards playing. But I want to no the difference between the PS4 and Xbox One. Any Ideas?


From what I heard xbox one is the same basically with built in kinect while ps4 has a speaker in the controller and game room but you have to pay for multiplayer on both
I am trying to keep my opinion unbiased as I have a ps3 and xbox360 but prefer ps3


If you want JRPGs, probably getting a PS4 would be a good idea, Sony have a cut in that market.

But if you have that much disposable income, you could always build yourself a gaming PC.

Either that, probably best to wait. Both systems really don’t have a catalog of games to choose from yet.


i would go with the PS4 with the Playstation plus membership, you get free games very month & can be used on the PS4, PS3 & the PS Vita, you can also get a sense on what a game looks like without any edits when you watch them played with the PS interactive. i haven’t had to pay for any multiplayer & i have played DC Universe Online, Watchdogs, & ACBF


I have an xbox one myself, I’ve played a ps4 but I prefer my xbox. It’s a matter of opinion really, both have to pay for online, ps4 is more powerful though at the minute xbox one has the better games and upcoming games (again, it’s just my opinion). Kinect is actually really good despite what people say and I personally prefer the xbox controller though the ps4 has a good one as well.

It’s up to you to be honest, look at the games and decide which ones you prefer.



The PS4 requires a PS+ subscription (which you pay for) to play online


Well both require you to pay but PlayStation has pretty nice exclusives ex. Infamous second son, bloodborne, killzone shadowfall


the PS+ benifits are worth the $17 for 3 months though you get free games, & discounts aside from being able to play multiplayer


Those two are still basically the same machines with the same services and the same games. There aren’t enough exclusives to really differentiate between the Xbone and PS4.

And let’s be honest here, what you really want is a good PC and probably a WiiU because Nintendo exclusives NEVER come on anything else, whereas console exclusives always have a chance of being ported to PC, even if they end up being terrible ports.


May I introduce you to the Glorious PC Gaming Master Race?


I know I own a PS4 myself. I was just pointing out you DO have to pay to play multiplayer your earlier post said you hadn’t paid anything but still got to play online


fair point, i just dont consider it paying since i had a + membership before the ps4 was released


Not all exclusives like bloodborne is being made by sony and from while sucker punch only has made PlayStation for about 10 years


It has nothing to do with being PC master race, it’s about content and bang for your buck. I could be going into the whole “consoles are 30 fps” or “have fun with your 720p resolution, peasant” arguments, but I’m gonna shy away from it because they’re not only overused but also entirely irrelevant if you just want to play games and don’t care / have side-effects from the low refresh rate of the screen.

The issue I have with the console market is that both systems lack in the one aspect that is a relevant measuring tool for gaming systems: games. It doesn’t matter if you like your default startup screen green or purplish-blue, what matters is which system has the largest number of games that you would like to play. That means exclusivity. Aside from smaller “indie” games and some timed exclusives, such as Tomb Raider, what difference is there in the consoles except the brand? One will eventually have Killzone on it, the other one has Halo. Aside from the few console exclusives that will eventually come crawling out from under their rocks, a majority of games will be out on PC and when the Bundle store or Steam or a number of other online stores slash prices of big titles by 50% for a sale event, what is your reasoning behind playing on a console?

I can go right now on my fiancee’s PS3, access the Playstation Store and find at least a dozen games that were big titles four years ago and are still full price on there, whereas I can get those same games for at least 50% less, on Steam. PC also has backwards compatibility to the point of being able to play PS2 games on them if you have the hardware for it. Netflix, twitch and whatever else app you might use on your console is on there and will probably work better because there’s no hindrance of a UI limited to use with a controller.

In comparison, what is the benefit of a console? Does it cost less? After you take into account the longevity of a PC build if done right and the game sales that never happen on console games, it doesn’t cost you that much, it probably costs less in the same period it takes for them to bring about a new console generation to you living room.

Bloodborne has so far been advertised as PS4 exclusive, yeah. That’s going to draw a lot of people to the PS4. The issue I have there is that, despite it being published by Sony, PS4 exclusive can either mean it will never come out on any other platform or it can mean it will never come out on any other console. It has happened before. Personally I’m not holding up high hopes, but I’m not a big fan of the Souls games either so I have little hype to offer to Bloodborne. Should be noted that Lords of the Fallen is coming to all platforms and that apparently plays very similar to Dark Souls in many many ways. All in all, I’m about as disappointed that Bloodborne is a PS4 exclusive as I am that Madden is a console exclusive.


I’m hyped for it I plan on getting ps4 anyway but disappointed with the pay to play online and I see what you mean about the costs, don’t really know ex of exclusives going multiport usually it’s announced if it’s on one system for a while and then I remember mk9 had ps3 kratos


PC, only saying PC is too short since i need to type atleast 20 letters, or was it words? Oh well.


personally i’m waiting a couple years for 1)a price drop 2) enough exclusive games to tell which i’d prefer and
3) for any and all bugs/annoyances to be removed and/or detected.

from what i’ve heard they are both around the same quality level. so since you currently have a console i’d suggest waiting/gathering more info before you decide.


The most noticeable difference between the two is the exclusives for each console. That’s what I took into account when I bought my Xbox One because I’m a large Halo fan


For me personally, the biggest argument is simpler: Mods.

Total War: Good. Add in Darthmod (or another mod of your choice) and it’s great
Xcom Enemy Unknown: Does the OG fair justice, Add in Long War and it’s suddenly stepping up to the plate to show the OG up.
Skyrim (or pretty much anything made by Bethesda): Fun for a while; Add in mods and suddenly it’s pretty much anything you can possibly imagine. As in quite literally anything you can imagine. The people that mod Bethesda’s games have a high proclivity for insanity.

Oh, and talking about exclusives? Sorry, but I’ll go and ahead and mention little ole’ Paradox Interactive over here. CK2 Anyone?


I’m thinking about getting either an Xbox one or a ps4 but dont know much about them and don’t know which one to get got any suggestions