Project Jaason stevan hill


So this is a thread for our project to clone jason and create a better, faster, stronger jason. His name is Jaason Stevan Hill and he WILL become one of the greatest things to ever happen to mandkind!!! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!


Sorry, but the project failed Eighteen years ago. Don’t you remember it, gramps? :wink:


… im 16…


Also dont comment with offtopic posts on our project thread.


i think jason has banned us from making clones of him


He has never stated that. (Plus if he does we’ll create him in secret, too much blood, sweat, tears, time and DNA have been used to stop now, mostly DNA and time though)


Also Jaason will have the same amount of power as jason


How are you planning to get his DNA



Kidnapping him then taking various DNA samples. Hair, skin, blood, everything. We need more than one sample.


Actually it is possible to try wit one sample. And instead of going all the way to kidnapping him wouldn’t it be easier to take a sweaty sock or to cut a piece of hair from him at night. This way he won’t even know about your Cloning Project


Firstly, it is possible but it’s easier with more DNA and secondly, we just made a topic about it in his domain. He already knows.


Wouldn’t he freak out if he starts reading this


Who says he isn’t? Maybe he’s just not a big commenter.


@SmartKid737 good idea, although if we didn’t want him to know about it posting it on his forum would have been a stupid move :stuck_out_tongue:


I got news,although I think we need an eye sample. Each time I clone him he comes up with one eye, so far attempt 232…

Also Talon highjacked our project and stole our plans so he made a evil clone, we will have to extermimate the clone and get our plans back.


Hey Gramps! Don’t you remember anything? You were cloned Sixteen years ago after you exploded yourself and the factory, you were just Fifty. Ugh, the Elderly these days!


… happy i asked you to stop


But it is on-topic…


Stop commenting happy, please youre COMPLETELY offtopic and ive asked you to stop multiple times


The topic of cloning Jason? Dude I think your way to serious about this if your yelling at people about off topic posts when this isn’t even an actually plausible topic.