Project Ascension (WiP)

Hah, no, I was talking about worldbuilding :stuck_out_tongue: Nothing weird with that Emily ask~

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Small update 30/09: uploaded the first part of ch3. It’s not big, but I managed to get sick, so progress isn’t going very fast. Didn’t look into the coding changes yet, either.

I also want to do something with the character customization, but I’m not sure what needs to be added outside of skin colors tbh :thinking:

Edit: guess who misnamed the scene file, resulting in the entire update being inaccessible? I need some kinda prize for the sheer stupidity of this.


Dom’t worry, your health comes first. Ask Emily to bake you an “I hope you get better soon” multi-layered cake for me.

As for the customization, it’s usually the same set of things: hair (everything, color, style, size), eye color, height, sometimes your body (athlete, slim, batman), skin color. If you want to go beyond, consider what piece of clothing is usually worn by people and what style the MC likes, if they use a rather unique thing such as a scarf when nobody else does or maybe has a scar.

Cant go further with Peribsen :confused:


Ohkaaay, both should be fixed! Me dummy today.

Same problems with the female spirit

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Fixed, thanks! Copy-paste is my enemy :")

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Fixed too! Sorry, I’m on a roll.

It’s still happening

Odd. Maybe it didn’t upload properly? I’ll try again.

Edit: ok, I discovered the real culprit a couple lines later, it should really be fixed now.

nice game! I like how felix likes cats and his name is cat-ish, and his brother’s name is Rufus; does he like dogs?

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What an interesting flow of events! I didn’t expect such a transition from a fresh university life to be honest but I quite like it. You have a good thing going on here. Keep up the good work and stay safe.

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@Mistyleaf123 Glad you liked it! To be honest, the Felix-Rufus thing was an accident; I wasn’t thinking of any parallelism or pet preferences while naming them. But yeah, R would be the type to prefer dogs.

@CanisLupus Thank you! It was supposed to start out somewhat lighthearted and get darker, yeah. Guess that’s because I feel like trying to lead a normal life while dealing with major supernatural threats would actually suck, and not just for the MC. I’m quite interested in exploring this theme further.

Stay safe as well, guys~


I honestly think that the Felix-Rufus thing would be cool; opposites attract :slight_smile:
it makes me think of one of my friends, we like TOTALLY opposite things, but :slight_smile:


So the first clue is that the one who cursed is a woman. Then the voice in our head said that it’s the product of magic that binds even gods. So my theory on Magistrix Iulia is coming nicely, she wants to ascend into godhood and the Old City and our little cursed trio are the maze and mice. But also wait, why did our mark flare up when near Em and Felix if it denotes how we died… unless they killed us? Or at least met them before (could this be why we know that song)

Also also, did we just scare Emily? Oh my god what have I done


The enrgy ahead is corrupted, filthy. energy

Memories come back to me, of that one night both a few days and an eternity ago, night that changed everything forever.-- Its probably just me, but that night seems… off? I’d take it out or add a the

Suddenly, it’s back, that suspiction in her eyes. suspicion?

no illumination safe for the odd, floating light. save

@Mistyleaf123 well, I’m not going to rename them, so accidental or not, it stays :stuck_out_tongue:

@Vilrek thanks for the typos~ The mark sometimes reacts this way when around people (and not just people) with, uh, traces of magic on them, so what this tells you is that they’re either practitioners or that they spent a lot of time in a place with lots of magic. Also the song is just a code to recognize ~special~ customers :smiley:

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so does that mean Luci’s work with the Magistrix doesn’t let her around that much magic for too long? Hmmm. And the song, oh yeah you bet Em is a special customer

The thing with Lucy is that she’s not that deep into the whole thing, though obviously deep enough to know/suspect some stuff. She’s mostly just that; the magistrix’ “eyes and mouth” in the university, not one of her researchers (though she initially hoped to eventually become one). And that device from day2, well, let’s just say it was not necessarily supposed to end up in her hands :wink:

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so maybe we can still save her! Or… end up with her… right where she wants to be… and then blow things up because its the magistrix and I picked every option on making her pay. Huh, that would be a hell of a twist “I know I used you, but I love you” and stuff.
Ohh, or maybe the magistrix will try to bribe her back to her side by offering her a place in the sun, and only her love for us will keep her head clear

We shall see :smiling_imp:

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