Project Ascension (WiP) - upd. 14/10

You’re living a dual life.

On the one hand, after years of struggling, you finally get to attend a widely-known university.

On the other, you’re not a stranger to oddness, bearing a mysterious mark as you are. Spreading insomnia and unexplainable weather changes plague the city, and now…

You’ve been cursed.

Short premise: university life gone wrong

Actual premise: join forces with an ancient spirit and try to stop an assimilation plot while struggling to survive your curse

Hello and welcome!
This little game here is something I started working on for fun, because the other story I was writing was very editing-heavy. I wanted something relatively fun and easy to work with, and so picked one of the more represented genres/premises. It’s meant to be a character-focused urban fantasy story, with light horror elements.

Chapter 1-2.5 are currently coded and available here:

Latest update

14/10, 2/3 of ch3

Things to note:

  • English is not my first language, and so there are going to be mistakes… on top of typos probably.
  • I don’t think anything needs a trigger warning so far, but this will probably change as the story progresses. (Upd.: Ch2 contains mentions of blood. Upd. 2: mild violence, refences to bullying/abuse.)
  • Play as m, f, or nb, romance one of at least 6 characters of various degrees of wackiness, team up a spirit, etc.
A little on the setting

The setting is modern, but with some Ancient Rome and a lot of Ancient Egypt influences. The reason for this is that I like ancient history, and for me, writing doubles as an excuse to research stuff.
Magic system is based on the concept of divine words, which itself is based off heka, which, amongs other things, posits that words (spoken or written) and certain ritual actions can affect reality. Ex.: want to muck up someone’s life? Write their name on a plate and then break it.

I’m accepting any kind of feedback, really. Don’t like something? Want something added? Hit me up.
Thanks for your attention, and hope you enjoy~
(now with an obligatory tumblr - feel free to come by and say hi, or ask questions)


Seems like I’m the first one to comment. I had fun and there were some moments which I found funny. Also, what’s up with the croaked mirror? Who is the murderer? :rofl: JK. I just found some spelling errors including the ‘cracked’ mirror. Good luck with the game! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you very much :slight_smile: I’ll, uh, fix the mirror soon!

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:joy::joy::joy: I hope that you got my joke, or else it’s gonna be awkward :sweat_smile:

Too early to tell just yet but definitely lots of potential here. So far I’m liking the variation of different responses.

Thank you. I was trying to write it the way I like to read it, even if it’s a bit of a coding nightmare.

Aww, that wasn’t nearly enough! I was just getting into it :smiley:

All the characters seem interesting and the setting engaging. Will happily wait for more.

The only thing I was confused by was the scene with the two truths and a lie. It felt like the other characters didn’t guess the one I picked? They just made some comments, then moved on. - Actually, I reread it just now and I guess the group’s moving on for modesty’s sake?

Thank you, glad you liked it!

Yeah, the scene is supposed to move on, but it also has a bunch of variables at play that gave me a mild headache when coding it,- I’ll have to revise it eventually, specifically the part where they don’t guess right.

Small update time!

I’ve worked on it for a bit, mostly adding stuff that should’ve been there in the first place:

  • implemented the save game system
  • fixed a number of typos
  • started working on the stats screen
  • added more info to the OP
  • also added the first part of ch.2. It doesn’t add much to a single playthrough cause much of it are variations of scenes, but it does introduce two new characters.



I really enjoyed this! The characters are a lot of fun, I will definitely be romancing BigFatCat :joy: and Priscilla calling MC rosycheeks was so cute :sob: Looking forward to more!

@spiriter Thank you, I’m glad you liked it :slight_smile: Making it fun was definitely one of the priorities!

Guess I might as well use this to give a small progress update: I’m still working on it, but I’ve decided to go back and edit/slightly expand ch1 before moving forward (it’s not out yet). The problem with this story is that I attempted to glue two different ideas together, and it ended up kinda unfocused because of it. So, I’ll be trying to correct this~

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“Are you really an agent?”
“I don’t need to be an agent to feel you staring at my back.” A pause. “You and Emily need to take less tips from spy fiction.”
“Who are you, then?” I ask, mildly curious as to how he’ll answer.
“A human. A student.” He shrugs. “Just like you.”

That’s exactly what an agent would say.

Also, love the update, love all the characters. The focus ability of the MC (how they learn) is a fantastic way to enable roleplaying, only drawback is it automatically limits the choices available :frowning:

Well, he’s not an agent actually.

His brother on the other hand…

I’m glad you like the characters :smiley: I’m not good at complex plots (or even interesting premises lol) so I’m trying to compensate elsewhere~

Regarding the choice limits, yeah, it’s not perfect. One alternative would be to simply hide this text behind an *if statement without any faux-choices, kind of like the game already handles small fluff like your disposition towards animals and such. But this would leave zero hints that there even are some variations to the scenes, and result in a wall of text. --also these scenes already have unmarked variations based on who you have with you and in case of some of them, your stats. A teasing MC has a different idea of persuasion than a reserved one, for example.

Another option is to open choices to everyone and then code a “failure” branch and a “success” branch, except that… comedy/tragedy value aside, who even wants to fail? This isn’t meant to be a stat-heavy game with dead ends anyway.

So yeah, it’s not a perfect solution, but at least it’ll allow me to flesh out the different “personalities” more, I think.

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O-ho, spoilers! :kissing_smiling_eyes:
(I’ll never say no to more of those)

I see what you mean and I think it’s an appropriate solution to grey out the other choices. It gives you an impression (and understanding) of what to expect from the game and how other choices could have led you to a different path. Maybe it’s fine the way it is :upside_down_face:

Extra note: I think my favorite thing about the game so far is that we can run into traffic and then act all nice and friendly as if we didn’t just do something crazy and dangerous like an asshole.

Looking forward to more!


I have enjoyed it sp far. Looking forward to more. :smiley:

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Progress report time!

I’ve finished the revision of ch1. It’s lots of fluff changes, a bit more setting lore, and a new scene that has actual maaagic. Now I can focus on finishing ch2, and then moving on QQ

Cheers, and have a nice day~


The update and revised chapter was really great! I can’t wait to see more of this


Thank you, I’ll be working on continuing and improving it further~

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Hi, I can’t seem to go beyond this part - there was an error message but I forgot to take a SS. :smiley:

Thank you for reporting, I’ll fix it once I’m home! This was the last scene I’ve uploaded today, so you didn’t miss much.

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