Professor of Magical Studies (was: Advanced Studies in Pattern Magic) - WIP (Updated 1 Jan 2022)

Hey, just finished reading up for the first time and it’s a really great work so far ! The pacing feels natural and I enjoy the many options. I feel like the playability of this is amazing : plenty of content to go through, plenty of choices to make as well as things to balance.

Also, I love the way we choose how to handle our relationship with Darcy after the past events. Its all very nicely written. I’ll definitely need to go through all of this once again though.

Just one thing though, I chose the option to go with Kayla after the party, yet when it moved to the bedroom scene, the name was switched to Haley. I think there’s a little bit there.

Anywho, great job and I hope you can continue on ! Wish you the best : )


Thanks! And good catch. I’ve fixed the problem with the date scene.


Error and bug that need fixing. When I press Maybe Second Time Dating’s the Charm it sends me to the second picture.

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@Here_Not_There Fixed, thanks! Would you mind editing your post to spoiler-tag or remove the images?

Thanks. I’m really enjoying this game! I love the Darcy storyline, I feel like I haven’t seen that before in a COG game


Grammar error here. Should be “They have brown skin” not “They has brown skin”.

Mispelling. College has 2 L’s not one.

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The game has a Steam page and cover art that is so good, but also a deadline, so I guess I should keep writing!


That’s awesome. Gonna miss the other title, though.


Not gonna lie, I liked the old title better. But this one’s great too.

  • At the RO’s home I had one option about MC sitting on the chair and two options about MC telling the RO where to sit. I thought there would also be an option to sit on the couch and the RO would decide where RO wants to sit (sit with MC or not sit with MC).

  • You’re already sharing an office and your classes with him. How much more will he take?

Dr. Blankenship and my MC are sharing the lab, not the office. My MC had volunteered to move out of the office.

  • Dr. Ellison polishes her glasses with the hem of her shirt. “That is exceedingly kind of you. If it becomes too much of a burden, do tell me. I have alternate space that Bob can work in.

I thought there would have been an option about MC volunteering to move to that alternate lab space.

  • "In the meantime, let’s look at the lab space and see how it might accommodate both of you. If you do end up sharing, Dr. {pc_surname}, I will decrease the amount you pay monthly from your startup funds." Dr. Ellison bundles both of you out of the office and towards the stairs.

  • Gabriel reaches a hand into the rift. Summers noses her way back out. He pets Summers. After a moment, he looks at you, eyes wet with unshed tears. “It’s dumb. I’m dumb. I know. I know.” As if sensing his mood, Summers leans her head against his. “Okay. I’ll do it.” He takes a deep breath. “Am I going to have to go back to working for Dr. Blankenship, too?”

My MC would have agreed to let Summers stay after seeing that. Maybe there can be one last chance here to let Summers stay after seeing how attached the two already are?

  • "You will have to deal sternly with him," the Lodger says. “Heis imperiling your class and your students’ well-being.”
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Really enjoying this demo so far! Darcy is infuriating but I’m holding out for hope that she’ll become a better person and I can trust her enough to get back together with her… or maybe I’m just a clown :clown_face:. Only time will tell I guess.

Also, I think this might be a bug. If I click on the option “why’d you really not help me with Wilson’s pattern?” it just takes me to this same exact page. Like, it doesn’t move forward with the story.


There’s another quick pronoun error right after, should be “she” in my game.

Also, tiny thing but you forgot to put quotation marks at the beginning of this sentence. It took a second for me to realize he was saying something.

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Thanks! I’ll take a look at all of those. @fisheye, I don’t think I’ll add a move-your-lab option (aaa! combinatorial explosion! aaa!) but I see what you’re saying about Summers and will look at giving an off-ramp choice to let Summers stay.

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don’t know if it was spotted before, but I found a spot.


Kids in my Mind Magic class are doing presentations on summoning.

I keep getting this bug message and it won’t let me through no matter the choices I make in chapter 7. I haven’t seen anyone else bring it up and I’m dying to continue reading(I’m so invested in this IF). The message appears in the scene after making the choice on sharing the lab(or not) with Blankenship. When pressing “Great” after Gabriel arrives. I wanted to show a picture of it but it kept telling me media wasn’t allowed to be posted(doing this on my phone, apologies).

Bug Message

7_time_shares line 2145: invalid @{} at letter 1; ‘lab_theory_quality_e’ is equal to 0 which is not a positive number

@KamenSentaiRed Nice catch. Fixed!

@Kalio, I’ve uploaded a potential fix for your problem. Please give it a try and let me know if it works for you.


It’s working now, I managed to get through the rest of the chapter without any other issues. Thank you for the quick fix!

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One of the most thorough WIP’s I’ve ever played in all my time lurking here. Still not finished, but already super impressed that this is a WIP. Can’t wait to see more of your work too!


I dont think I can add anything of value that hasn’t been said but a very impressive WIP nonetheless.

Very unique take on the modern fantasy genre, focusing just as much on real world issues as fantastical magical stuff. Usually the genre tends to lean one way or the other.

The writing is thoroughly impressive, it flows well and feels natural. The pacing is good, there are no overly verbose scenes. Truly it feels polished.

The characters feel like real people without taking any of the fun or drama out. Usually characters tend to be exaggerations of personality types or completely grounded in reality which tends to be boring. Each character is in my opinion a successful take of different character tropes. Even the “entity living in head” trope has been made both fresh and familiar.

I was lucky enough to not run into a single coding issue which is frankly the most impressive thing about it. I will say that’s a first for me.

Overall really great game definitely in my top 5 WIPs currently on the forum, i look forward to future updates(and perhaps romancing a head alien?)