Professor of Magical Studies (was: Advanced Studies in Pattern Magic) - WIP (Updated 1 Jan 2022)

Oh that meeting…I had the same confuse, and then took a peek at the code, and…all I can remember is that, that is not a research check.

This proves my point that certain skills are more useful than others, and I have no way knowing beforehand without looking at codes.

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I haven’t finished reading the WIP yet, but the story got me hooked so far. Also, it’s really cool that the PC has synesthesia because I do too =D It’s rare to see people with synesthesia on any media and this makes me so happy


Don’t let me misguide you… though most of the times I did fine without peeking the code, and the occasional where I did peek is rare. To me those skills are quite equal, but that you need to depend on your different skills during different occasions.

those are my status at some point hope may help

That’s super odd! I haven’t been able to reproduce it through randomtest, and inspecting the code, I’m not sure how it would happen. I’ll keep an eye out for it, though.

Ooh, good catch. Thanks!

One of the items on my to-do list is to go back through the early chapters and re-assess stat building. One thing I have done is make it so that failed stat checks increase the skill you were trying to use, so that you can improve even in ones you don’t specialize in.

It sounds like the underlying issue is that I didn’t do a good job having the choices communicate what skills would be tested with them. I’ll look at that one in particular, and would love to hear any other points where the choices weren’t clear. (That goes for you, too, @everything-in-ordis) I’ve also updated the stats explanation page to make the skill groupings clearer (essentially “magic” and “talkin’”)

Oh, neat! Thanks for letting me know that.


Hi! While playing I ran into this error:

It’s in the scene with Gabriel, towards the end of the chapter 5.

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@Mei_Hiroshi and @Isabel, between the two of you, you uncovered a really sneaky bug. I can’t believe you both uncovered it, and that I was able to actually figure out what was causing it. I’ve updated the game to fix the problem.


I encountered a same error like @Mei_Hiroshi but its different. Its says High and I forgot the line number sorry :sweat_smile:


Thanks. It’s the same root cause either way. For any technical ChoiceScript folks out there, it’s because I have a single return value I use for subroutines, and the use in one place stepped on the use in another. The new version I uploaded should fix it.


@Sargent congratulations on fixing it

Found a point in chapter 2 where the option makes you believe the reasoning skill will be tested, instead it’s the rhetoric one.

#I’ll go through their reasoning and confirm that it’s correct.

*if skill_rhetoric > skill_rhetoric_hard_pass *set paper_review_quality_e 3
*goto review_paper_logic *elseif skill_rhetoric > skill_rhetoric_easy_pass

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That’s a big oof right there. Great catch! I’ve fixed it to correctly test your reasoning skill.

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I enjoyed this far more than I expected to, honestly. It wasn’t that I was expecting not to enjoy it, but I wasn’t expecting to be drawn in quite as much as I was. My first readthrough was really just for fun, but I’ll definitely go back and see if there is anything that jumps out at me as confusing or the like.


This game is really amazing, and infinitely replayable. I’m interested in the mysteries surrounding it and I’m having fun trying to keep everything together while having like 8 projects on my plate.


Thanks, @Ixaya_Ori and @Isabella_Taylor!

Excellent, that’s part of what I wanted the game to evoke.


Gunna be honest when I first read your post I wasn’t that intrigued “patterns are magic? Pretty lame” until two days ago I decided to give it a try.

And let me tell you…I absolutely had a blast to the point where when I saw “next chapter” after 5 I got sad. I’m really into the story, I love this direction of magic you took it’s so unique and most importantly I love the characters. I also love that overarching mystery. I also really like how obvious you made the stat checks with each choice. Thank you my small brain needed that. It’s a very fun game, I can’t say this enough, and I cannot wait for more.


A well written and intriguing story. I can’t wait for the full version to be released!


Chapter 6 is now up! You know what every school story needs? An awkward holiday party! THRILL to the terror of navigating the fraught waters of a party when you’re a new faculty member! GASP as the college president gives a long-winded speech and a certain fellow faculty member[*] goofs off in a way that could get you both in trouble! TREMBLE as the new friend in your head gives running commentary about these strange Earth customs! SEE if you can manage to start dating someone at the party…IF YOU DARE.

And good news! You know the bad news you got at the end of Chapter 5? It gets worse.

[*] Darcy. It’s Darcy.


Ohh awkward holiday party :ok_hand:

OK so off topic I’ve always had this dream of having an ugly sweater party at :christmas_tree:


I love Darcy who’s such a prick but seems to be growing a tiny minuscule bit. Im kinda wondering how Darcy views the MC, because they seem that they actually want to MC to push and compete with them and to stand on equal footing and that they would actually be upset if the MC was to say, completely drop out of academia (defiantly if they were datemates, and assume that the mc and darcy were past datemates that are slowly reconnecting after bitter feelings and held grudges in any future posts ). Darcy want’s to MC to show the same confidence and drive.

It does make me wonder how Darcy would react if they ended up meeting the MC again not as another professor but if they met in town and the MC had given up in pursuing Pattern Magic completely after a certain someones meddling, would they frown upon the mc? make remarks that they shouln’t have taken it so personally? try to pretend nothing happened? FEEL GUILTY.

idk, played the new update and Darcy continues to give me feelings