Problems with using variables that are false

Okay so I think I need someone to explain something to me because quicktest is throwing errors for some variables but not others.

So, at one point I have a variable that looks something like this-

*if not(variable1)
*goto some label

And it works fine.

But, if I have a choice with a selectable if, like so-

*selectable_if not(variable2) #choice 1

And it says it can’t parse it, until I put it as (variable = false). Doesn’t matter where the choice is (because sometimes quicktest doesn’t like it until it’s on the next line).

When it comes to coding I’m mostly flying by the seat of my pants but I’d like to know what’s going on here so I can stop getting so frustrated.

*selectable_if (not (variable2)) #choice1

See if that works.

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It does. I feel kinda dumb because I’ve done this before.


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