Problems with Math and Recognition of Variables (Solved)


I’m having trouble with with math, i want the code to recognize different variables and make addition of these variables and show in the stats screen.
The variable Head_life have the value of 1 the remainder has a value of 0, what I intended was to add these variables presented and by the logic the final text should be 1. this is a test tha i did.

My code looks like this:

Armor Stats
text Life (Head_life + Body_life + LeftArm_life+ RightArm_life+ Legs_life)


ChoiceScript won’t recognize your code, especially the text line.

In case anyone stumbled upon the same prob, do this.

*set life (((Head_life + Body_life) + (LeftArm_life+ RightArm_life)) + Legs_life)

   text Life