Problems with inventory system


So the next time when it tells you you have an invalid indent, find the line of code it mentions and check to see that you have

  ... stuff underneath the *if, like this, that is indented two spaces over.


Have you tried using the CS custom syntax marker?
It’d help you greatly, especially since you’re not using CS-IDE.


Can you explain what that is?


Something like this



I tried to install a custom syntax thing but it didn’t work! Maybe I installed it wrong. How’d you do it yourself?


The original link is on the wiki as well as the instruction, IIRC. Let me see if I can find it.

Nope, it’s on the forum right here.

I’d urge all beginners to go there too; someone 'ought to bump that thread once in a while.

As for my own syntax, I modified it from the original a bit so I can use it on a dark theme. Dark BG ftw.


That is a really neat set up for notepad++! How do you get it to specifically demark tabs and spaces? I know how to set up syntax and all that.


There’s the option under the View section.

Of course, you can alter the marks’ color in the preference window.


Also, one last question: How does one create a deposit box for the inventory system?


Zenith why don’t you take what you’ve learned this far?


Okay then. Thank you all for helping me with my inventory.


No need to hesitate to come back here if you find another difficulties. Or make a new thread if it’s a new prob.


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