Problems with character swaps, pronouns and stats

I’m trying to make a game of my own after reading lots that I found over here, but I’ve stumbled upon a little problem.

One of the most important things in the game is playing as differents characters, changing between them back and forward in the story. Each of the characters will have different stats that can change with the choices you make while playing as them.

I think the problem is quite obvious right now. I have no idea on how to do this.

First of all, the pronouns will change a lot. You’ll play as females, males and anything in between or far away from the binary system. Then there are the stats that’ll need to change any time you swap characters and change with your choices. I imagine it will be quite the challenge to keep track of these values.

For Pronouns, they should be stored in different variables for all MCs, like

*set mc_a "He"
*set mc_b "She"

Now for displaying stats you can add a check in choicescript_stats like this

*if character_a = true
    percent soldiering
    percent charisma
    percent intellect
*if character_b = true
    percent soldiering_2
    percent charisma_2
    percent intellect_2

Here so different stats will be shown when different MCs are active.


also: are the various charaters you’ll control cross paths in their segments?

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@HWKEye Very nice! I think that works perfectly. Thank you for coming up with that, it helps me a lot. I’ll mark it as the solution if nothing better comes up, but I don’t think it’s likely.

@MeltingPenguins Yup! In fact, the ‘various characters’ are one in the same, so you’ll be technically playing as the same main character, even if it changes. That’s confusing? It is confusing. It’ll make sense.



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