Prismatic: a personality-based death game [WIP] (updated 7.12.24)

I thought about implementing it, but I ended up deciding against it. It wouldn’t have a big impact, as I want to leave the possible future options to reflect on your results open for everyone. What if you pick random answers, but end up agreeing with the results? What if the opposite happens? What if you lie, yet agree with the results? What if you change your mind? In all scenarios, I think any set long-lasting effects would have to be very carefully considered for a tiny bit of flavor text that ultimately wouldn’t be worth it.

I will add some flavor text to the dream version results for the next update, as I think White would actually notice you picking the same (kind of) answer and react to it, but the normal version of the results will probably stay unchanged in this regard.

I might reconsider adding something specifically for the middle option though.

Thank you for your feedback! :heartpulse:

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  • Added a new sub-chapter!
  • Made some changes to the test. There are now 27 questions instead of 32, and things may be a bit out of balance.
  • Fixed some typos.
  • Made a Tumblr page! Go check it out and ask questions if you have any! Tumblr blog

The sub-chapter is pretty short, especially if you pick certain answers, but the next one will be properly hefty :slight_smile:


After playing the wip I kinda want the MBTI characters try to murderer people in an horror game

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Interesting piece! I ended with purple. My favorite color too. I am uncertain on the outcome of the test. It’s interesting will watch this.

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It is both unpleasant and nostalgic, like a house you used to call home, now derelict and haunted.

I love this sentence so much omg.

As promised, here is some feedback! I think I got green I think when I first played it and the description was spot on lmao.


I would add a sentence, even short where the *page_break says “Then suddenly, you hear a cling of metal.”

Are the *selectable_if options on purpose? I wonder if we will be able to select them in the future(?)

“Sorry!” the taxi driver, a bubbly talkative woman
“Sorry!” the taxi driver, a bubbly, talkative woman

the windshield only to realize you are stuck in a traffic jam.
the windshield, only to realize you are stuck in a traffic jam.

Maybe you could add a choice to decide if we like or not the subject we are studying? If that conflicts with the story you have in mind, ignore this of course.

I didn’t really understand the difference between real name and nickname, maybe you could add something to make it clearer!

I think when it asks us if we would be shaken up if we saw a dead body you could add more options like “I don’t know” etc.

Would you rather ruin your relationships than back off a point that means a lot to you?
Idk if I’m stupid but I have no idea what this sentence means. :frowning:

“Do you think you are a special person?”
I choose no.
“You are”

I got blue this time and wow…I don’t know :sob: I really enjoy the game so far, I will write more when I can finish it.
I hope my feedback was useful!

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Thank you so much for the feedback! Will incorporate into the next update :saluting_face:


I was worried that changing the questions will throw things out of balance… :thinking: If we ever get to publishing, I’ll need to assemble a small testing team to confirm we are getting the expected results. Thank you for mentioning the color discrepancy.

*selectable_if options are on purpose! It’s spoilery to tell what they represent :wink:

A bit spoilery, but the subject bit is important, so I don’t think I can change it entirely. I can add more neutral options, now that I think about it.

Will also consider adding more options for the dead body. The reason it had no middle ground is because it was used in a question later to determine a person’s color even if they pick middle options otherwise, but now that I changed that, I think I’ll add more options.

Would you rather ruin your relationships than back off a point that means a lot to you?
Say you were vegan and cared a lot about it, but a loved one disagreed with you. If you started arguing, would you push and push, never saying that you could be wrong, because that’s true to your ideals, or would you back off and let the argument die down for the sake of preserving your relationship?
I’ll rephrase the question.

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I’m very curious to know how the code looks like for the test itself…is it stat based?

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It’s pretty basic: you get points for each color depending on your answer, and there is a specific point total you can get that is the same for all the colors. You can also lose points, depending on your answers. I updated the test with the same system in mind, but it now has slightly less color-specific questions, and I think cyan and green might suffer because of it. On the one hand, it’s good that the “teams” are more even, but on the other hand, I think green and cyan should naturally have more people… We’ll see how it goes. I have a few friends I can probably force to take the test multiple times, so I might take advantage of them in the future :laughing:

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If you need anyone to test the, well, test I can definitely do that!

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Oh, no worries, I think there is no need at this point! But thank you for the offer :slight_smile:

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“Thank you. Question six: how would you rate your overall experience with our AI stuff, on a scale of 1 to 10?” x100

I’m crying laughing…

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I finished it! Didn’t find any grammar mistakes, I think this chapter was great! I’m very excited to see where the story goes. :heart:

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