Primitive Technology


This video series was pretty amazing.
Here’s an episode:


I love this channel!


We know who was the survive a zombie apocalypse


There’s a type of applied anthropology that goes looking through ruins for old technology, and figuring out its use. It’s like a cross between engineering and detective work.

I was reading yesterday about the history of torture devices, and someone finally figured out the notorious “pear of anguish”! This is a device that was dug out of museum basements and put on display after the manufactured iron maiden fad made torture profitable for museum exhibits.

It was a pear-shaped bulb that, when a screw was turned, extended arms in four directions. They were made of wood or metal, and some had spikes attached. The exhibits were quick to describe their uses in torture, and the lurid crimes that would prompt said punishment. …Problem being, the devices didn’t have the necessary force to cause damage to people, and there was no physical or historical evidence that they’d ever been used that way.

Then someone tried one on a wet wool sock that had shrunk. It worked magnificently. Voila! Sock stretcher!


Well…that’s certainly one use of a torture device. Not sure if that would void whatever medieval warranty it had, but can’t complain about additional uses.

Now if only I could find a use for the Virtual Boy aside from inducing seizures…