Preventing an IP from playing/doing an action in a game again


I don’t really know how to explain this, but I basically want it so when someone loses the game, “game_lost” equals true, but I don’t want it to stay like that just for that session, but I want it to automaticly turn to true every time they play the game if they’re using a computer with the same IP.
I have no idea how to impliment it, and no idea if it’s possible or not, does anyone know how to do this/if it’s possible or not?


IP switch to often to be even worth the effort for something like this. Plus, like myself, I can access it on five different devices all with their own IP.

*Edit The only way I think something like what you want would have to be built with a database and have them log into a game session.


As requests go, this one sounds awfully malevolent.


There definitely isn’t anything like this already built in to ChoiceScript. I’m not a real programmer so I’d wait for someone more knowledgeable to give you an answer on how feasible adding it in would be, but I’m pretty sure it would be a massive pain compared to the normal use of ChoiceScript. (Wouldn’t you basically have to turn it into a web app and add a bunch of server-side code?)

Besides, what would be the point of having permadeath in a CS game? Just to annoy people?


why would you want to?


I never pay for a permadeath game what is the point? Who can pay for a game you never can play again X( ?
And i never enjoy it because im be to afraid to die to explore the game options but maybe os just me i play Skyrim and Fallout with permadeath characters but i can still playing the game when a character die! :stuck_out_tongue:
Maybe if you cant replay the saves from a death character but not all the game


Inadvisable as an IP is unique to a network not a computer, also difficult to do and will require a server database and some code changes.

I can see why this might have some uses, though permanent death isn’t one of them.


Well, I don’t know about whether or not it’s really much of a possibility, but I have seen a few games with permanent death. for example.
There was some art game I played a long time ago that used the concept really well, but I can’t for the life of me remember the name. I guess it’s hard to remember a game you played once and never again.


You don’t have to pay for the game I have in mind, so you don’t have to worry.
My game is a real life simulation, and you can’t live through life twice.

If there wasn’t a permadeath in a real life simulation, it isn’t a real life simulation.
I know you can simply go on another computer or device to replay the game, but you would eventually run out of other devices, right? I don’t mind if you get on a new device to replay the game, but I want it so you can only play it once on a certain device. And I know external ip’s tend to change on certain routers, but I guess that’s just a quirk i’ll have to work through.

I suppose i’ll do some more research, see if I have the ability to impliment this myself, and possibly scrap the idea all together if it seems impossible. It would have been a nice game mechanic though.


Better but i dont play it anyway for me the beauty of this games its the posibility of see what happen with other choices with perma death you erase this compleatly its like say to pc you are a failure go away of my game! If i fail in the first opcion i dont ever be able to know what the hell its about!


Funny you say that, the first choice you get in my game can kill you.
Don’t worry, my game isn’t a complete permadeath. You can replay the game, you just can’t complete the game.


In my demo you can die in first too but you can replay! I love write deaths i got more than 20 but only you can replay and actually finish the story with other character is like in a videogame the game erase if you die dont have sense!


@Cynthia I don’t think many people would want to play a game they can’t complete…but that’s just my opinion I could be wrong. I had a game boy game like that once if you died you started back at level one and lost all of the stuff you had I almost threw my game boy at a wall lol.


@Fujin i did the same with nes castelvania dont have save i restart the game almost when i was in the last boss i never play a Castelvania game again


Well, you can get to the last point in the game, but you can’t open the final “door” to get to the final scene, it’s sort of like Silent Hill I guess when you get a “bad ending”.


@MaraJade I swear games like that were made so you would die a little on the inside…

@Cynthia but then that would still make it really hard for anyone to get the “good ending” because there’s no second chances. but then again It really wouldn’t effect people with a vpn like me muhahahahahaha


Seems like a lot of trouble to go through just to make people angry. :-?

I can absolutely understand making meaningful consequences for bad choices, but isn’t having to start completely over punishment enough? You don’t want to make a game where no one can ever get to the “good” ending, right? What’s the point of having it if no one sees it?


I think i’ll just remove the permadeath aspect of my game, making it is hard enough >.<


@CS_Closet 100% agree



It’s an interesting idea if it serves as the artistic point of the game, but it sets it pretty high up there on the video game cruelty scale. Avoiding it is probably best. :slight_smile: