Power Grab Feedback

Lol a pencil is duplicated accidentally into dozens of copies though.

lol imo there probably (should) would be a power that can either prevent or block those drone like memory balls.

What you’re saying is that whether he releases what he already recorded of stealing is not the main issue but what would record further if he has that power is?!?

Yeah, couple seconds contact might be enough but MC have to ABSORB that stolen power, if he’s interrupted by someone or something the power will automatically go back to the original owner of the power.

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No, I’m saying that if absorbing Everett’s power in order to negate the orbs works, then the biggest remaining issue would be the fact he probably also has documented papers of the various things he uses for blackmail, and those couldn’t be destroyed by the fact the power wouldn’t be his anymore, no matter what the author decides about said power. But at least, being powerless, he’d still be easier to deal with than if he has his power.

Eh lol like a hacker can’t do much 'bout the physical evidence.

Yeah, that’s right. He’s a prick even when he was a kid, making him powerless would be the best thing.

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Many good ideas here, thanks! I won’t bring up each one individually, but I’ll definitely use them.

Regarding Everett:

Well, not quite. Once the orbs are made, they are basically just strangely contained recordings. So even if Everett loses his powers, nothing is actually making the recordings disappear.

By the way, the way he releases the blackmail if something happens to him isn’t some fancy convoluted system. He basically just has some person who is told to let the orbs free if they aren’t able to get in contact with him for a certain amount of time.

Regarding Caleb: Most people aren’t skilled killers with violent powers. It is definitely much safer to steal powers from a random stranger off the street. Even if they do happen to have a violent power, chances are they don’t have years of practice murdering people with it.

And yes, I should definitely add shyer interactions with all the characters. The main realise I haven’t so far is because I didn’t want the main character to seem too similar to Levi, but it doesn’t make sense to limit your character because of that, so I’ll just have make their style different.

Glad you seem to like the characters :slight_smile:

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I was wondering if there would be a problem like this. I tried asking around whether someone could just use someone else’s urine, but they seemed to think it would be fine, and it isn’t something I have any personal experience with. I also tried looking up information, I couldn’t find helpful information, because I didn’t know what exactly I was searching for. Do you think there would be other problems if I set the man’s gender to just match yours?

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Levi grew up kind of sheltered. Even the idea of Aster (and/or you) being nonbinary is pretty new to him. But he was always taught by his grandmother to accept everyone with love and an open mind, so it is only natural for him to treat this as if it is nothing out of the ordinary.

So for him, the idea of being in a polyamorous relationship would never even cross his mind. He might not even know that such a thing is a possibility. Because of this, if you are romancing Levi, the relationship will be monogamous. (I might give the option to change that by bringing up polyamory, but it certainly won’t happen if you don’t mention it first.)

On the other hand, Aster’s default is to be polyamorous. So if you are with them, you will probably end up in a poly relationship. I say ‘probably’ because I’m trying to also give the possibility to be monogamous with them if you want, but if it’s too much work, that might end up being a strictly poly route.

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Oh, and just to address one more thing. (Did I miss anything?) And sorry for the spam of messages.

Interesting idea, but keep in mind that this man has had this power his entire life, so using the power is as natural to him as walking. As long as he sees a document once, he can just save it as a recording. He doesn’t really have any reason to keep it. Yes, he could also keep the things you mentioned, but why would he? It isn’t like he is worried he might lose his powers some day. Before you, that sort of thing was unheard of.

But if you think he’d still have things like that, just let me know why and I can add it in.

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Yeah I mean, there is nothing wrong with two shy characters! Romances like that can be very fun to do! It would be bad if it was mandatory for the MC to be shy, but if it’s a choice it’s okay!

Not adressed to me, but basically, male and female urine can have some distinctions in hormone levels. The basic urine test WON’T detect that, so if the people doing the test don’t have reasons to think it has been tampered with, it shouldn’t be detected. But it’s always safer to substitute the sample for one coming from a person of the same gender. Setting the person’s gender to be the same as MCs would be a solution, but keep in mind it would be unconfortable for people with trans characters, because depending on if they take hormones or not etc, that could rapidly become a headache… Not to mention non-binary MCs with players who don’t feel confortable with assigning a biological gender. And well, all sorts of other variables related to that.
I would say that if you want to avoid the hassle, maybe specify it would be a very basic test that wouldn’t go as far as detecting the hormone levels of the person, thus not making necessary to adding gender based variables. The thing is, since it is all about framing the guy, he MAY request a deeper analysis of the sample if he finds himself accused…

With that being said, the test tubes are sealed with tamper resistant tape, so if you want to be fully realistic about that thing, you’d have to find a way around that too, like duplicating the right model of tube and tape PRIOR, so that the MC or whoever would be giving the sample could seal it themself.

That’s perfectly fine to me then! I don’t like having mandatory poly, really.

I’m not interested in them so that’s not an issue for me… Now, if I have to comment on that… I think the easiest in this case is simply having Aster explain about that. If the MC is poly too, then no issues whatsoever. If the MC is strictly monogamous, then maybe Aster could ask them if MC would be fine with them seeing other people too. That way, Aster can still be with multiple people, but these people (MC included) don’t have to be together too.

Not adressed to me either, but just wanted to say I didn’t even think of it that way! :open_mouth:
It makes sense, really!

Ah also, for the thing you were saying about Caleb:

Yeah I get it, don’t worry. It’s just that my reasoning is - you never know what kind of powers a stranger has, and neither you know what kind of person they are.
Especially after learning about Caleb, it would make sense for MC to be even more paranoid of stealing random powers from random strangers, considering they could think - “what if that random stranger is just as deadly as Caleb?”… With Caleb, at the very least MC would know what the power is, so the paranoia could be lesser.
Now, I don’t mean everyone should react that way eh!
But becoming paranoid about attacking random people may be a logical reaction for some. My MC, if allowed to play fully in character, wouldn’t want to steal from random people to begin with, unless they truly misuse their powers and are bullies, but the MCs who actually don’t have problems with stealing powers may still be scared.


Not exactly, unless that said person has chronic illnesses or major genetic disorders.

I at least want the polyamorous option.

Eh, I actually prefer poly routes.

This creep can do unlimited recordings?!?

Not just hormones, there will be few more differences, but yeah… Basic urine tests (drug tests and basic urine tests are not se though) can’t detect anything.

Yup, this is the best and easiest possible solution, but it would lead to few more other problems.

These are the problems I said. It would make enbys and trans people uncomfortable.

WoW dammit, didn’t realised this. Good thinking Konoi.

Lol I’ve already said this. Also the way he uses his power is really nasty and creepy.

Your MC can’t possibly goto each individual and find out or spy if they’re good people? How would you even know that the situation is in the way that it looks like someone is a bad guy.

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If he sees a bully attacking someone using their powers, if it’s someone they already vaguely know (or know of), if it’s a person who requested the services of the company for nefarious reasons, getting Levi’s help if he knows about his powers…

I wasn’t saying that you can’t be poly with Levi - you were correct that you can be poly with Aster and Levi. I just meant that if you choose to specifically interact with Levi and not Aster, it might not be poly. On the other hand, if you choose to interact with Aster, they will often somehow get Levi involved, leading to a relationship between the three of you if you want that. Levi won’t bring up a polyamorous relationship himself, but if Aster brings it up, Levi will be happy to try it.