Posthumous Glory: Sabers Of Asguenn (WIP) First Upload: 1/2/2021

Hi there, I’m The Black Samouraï. I have been a long time member of this great forum so much so that i have created quite a bit of wips over the years. But alas, i wasn’t able to finish them at the time either due to lack of inspiration or time to concentrate on them. I didn’t abandon them, in fact i plan to continue writing them in the future since i am no longer on an extended break XD.

That being said, the one story i wanted to continue working on is the first of a trilogy named Posthumous Glory.

The first book’s name is Posthumous Glory: Sabers Of Asguenn


In this first book, you play as a 16 years old child of an innkeeper managing an establishment in a remote area. Because of the ever increasing banditry in the region, he is sent to Asguenn in order to buy weaponry there. But his parents are far from imagining the many danger that are awaiting their offspring.

I know it’s not enough for a summary but honnestly i don’t like giving away information about my stories. So, i’ll let you discover the rest by yourselves.

Feedback i'm looking for
  1. Things you want to be added (Stats, choices, etc…)

  2. Spelling mistakes, grammar and the likes. I’m not a native english speaker nor am I a fluent speaker/writer using it. So it would help me greatly if you take your time to spot things i might miss or outright misuse a word.

  3. I think that’s all.


I plan to update as regularly as i can, maybe every one or two week. So, hang on tight.

  1. First upload: Prologue and part of chapter 1
The other books of the trilogy
  1. Posthumous Glory: The Fifth Batallion

  2. Posthumous Glory: Valunazia

To play the demo: Posthumous Glory: Sabers Of Asguenn

Have a good day.


This sounds really interesting, although I keep getting stuck on this part

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Thanks. I just fixed it.


Might I suggest that you change the name of the story? First, the phrase “Posthumous Glory” brings to mind someone who died in a moment of glory, which is hardly fitting stuff for a 16 year old. Second, Sabers of Asguenn sounds very close to the well-known Sabres of Infinity.


@TheGhost Well first of all, The title Posthumous Glory refer to the series in a whole not this first book only. In fact, the other books’ names are:

Posthumous Glory 2: The fifth Batallion

Posthumous Glory 3: Valunazia

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the story is told by the ghost of the main character who has been dead for a long time. He has had adventures that have led him far and wide in the world that I created. That’s why I decided to name it Posthumous Glory.

And second i don’t think that will cause any problems but if it do i will try to change it.


Okay. I was just reading it from the summary; dashingdon wasn’t loading for me today.

Oh okay. That’s all right. No harm done.

Interesting plot! not long enough to give exact opinion, but it seems intriguing.

Spelling and Grammar

It is grammatically correct, but- “He won’t even see us” sounds better.

When a bestial growl

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Thanks, i’ll change those into the coming update.

Hey there, i just wanted to say that the first update might take a bit longer. I want it to be up to when the MC reach the village of Asguenn, maybe somewhere in chapter three. Already finished chapter one. I’m currently halfway trough chapter 2. So hang on there.


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