Post Apocalyptic Political Game Name Suggestions

What do you think the name of my game should be?

So I’m thinking Radioactive Rush. What do you think guys?

What about

Fall Out

Dude you’ve just blown my mind.

Haha hope I haven’t killed you

You did but the awesomeness of that post brought me back to life.

Zombie Beezlebub run away


You want something that sums up your setting while still describing the themes of your story. Considering that we’re dealing with a post-apocalyptic world and a political rise to power, you might want to consider something like “Lord of Ruin” or “Armageddon’s Crown”.


@Cataphrak Made some pretty cool suggestions

Well TIOA and I have decided to split the game into 3 parts. The first is where you are gathering supporters and creating or taking your country. Then it’s when your consolidating your rule and taking over the rest of the world. And finally consolidating your rule and crushing your rebellions. The least part will be the most versatile and have the most choice. Now do you think I should have a romance.

I like “Lord of Ruins”. Thanks Cat!

Holy! I just found out that you made Sabers of Infinity! Why have you grace such a lowly life form such as myself with your presence lord cat?

Haha Beezlebub how about new Armageddon or the rise

Phoenix Rise? Cause your rising out of the ashes of the old world?

Rise of Ruins?

New hope

Hmm isn’t that copyright off of Star Wars? How about “New Ruins”

Hmm new Armageddon would be alright

How about Newcleur War? :wink: