Post-Apocalyptic FantasyLand (No Demo)

So I made a poll the other day that asked what most people would like to see as a new Choicescript game. I recently closed it, with a fair share of votes leaning towards the option of “post apocolyptic fantasyland”. Therefore, I shall choose that as my first choicescript project! Thanks to all of those that participated, by the way! And don’t worry if you voted for the other three. There will be some horror elements and unique magic dancing about.

~This is a rough idea, if anyone has ways of improving while keeping the central outline, I would love it~

So what I was thinking for a setting was one’s cliche to all chaos and back, taking all the tropes and categories in books like “The tough guide to Fantasyland” from Diana Jones ((highly recommend reading by the way)) and putting them in this world. A sort of deconstruction, if you will. Problem is with this world, everything is so unbalanced magically and all the political conflict eventually lead to the countries in this world starting to crack under the pressure. This is where the typical “Ohoho, So Evil Dark Lord” rear their ugly head. In an attempt to stop their evil decent on the world, the strongest kingdoms bring in their best warriors, creating a team of five (five man band, eh?). A sword n shield-wielding Warrior leader, A rouge Lancer, A mage smart guy, A beserker big guy and a healer the chick. They go on a year-long journey to stop the Evil Lord. Long story short, they fail miserably. The Evil Lord takes over the world and “muwaahaha’s” their way to the apocalypse they always wanted. Just as things start go according to plan as everything gets burned and ravaged, the Evil Lord realizes that destroying the world isn’t as cracked up as its made to be. However, by the time they realize this, over 3/4ths of the population and land has been decimated. The Evil Lord demands their armies to stop, and rids of the. But the Evil Lord is too late and civilization is pretty much reverted to surviving on scraps and what little magic is left in the world. Evil Lord realizes, basically, this sucks, and decides to off themselves. Problem is, without the once-ruling Evil Lord, the remaining population has no guidance.

Thus, five years after the Evil Lord’s decimation of the world, the PC is born! The goal of the PC I was thinking would vary on some early on choices, like would they focus on reviving a mostly dead world or would they just try to take the remnants on their own, ect. Thing is, PC is part of a special little trio that I will not give out many details on because ~spoilers~.

So this is what I have as a very rough outline so far. I’m also a complete newbie with ChoiceScript, only using it like once or twice, one of those times being during a party where nobody was paying much attention. I also have a load of schoolwork to do and a multitude of late-working jobs. So it might be a while for demo to come up, if it even does. Like the title says, I guess this part is to gauge interest? I mean, at least 20 people seem interested, but hey. I’m just a curious writer. I ain’t a psychic or something of the like :sweat_smile:

~Edit 1 of Who knows how many~
So I decided to give a little intro thingamajig and work on the whole downloading/writing/formatting (aka getting used to ChoiceScript and whatnot). I have nooooo idea if the link works for others (Edit 1.2: As I found out, it doesn’t :smiley: ). The first choices are going to stay there (all 8 of them), just given more detail and more influencing on who you meet and when. I was thinking about 12 companions, 1 being more of a talking pet but shrugs. There are only 6 with unchangeable canon genders, and the other 6 are all varied with preference and have no canon. Any yays or nays with that?


At least 20 interested people, eh?
I will be the first to express interest!

Come along, lads!
Let us ignite the passion of this good newcomer!

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always room for some post apocalyptic adventures.

The game certainly sounds interesting, I’ve never thought about post-apocalyptic fantasies other then just zombie stuff.

Well, consider me interested. I’ve seen fantasy and post-apocalyptic games but never both.

I like the idea sounds awesome

Yes i like idea, Hmmm i want to become the new Dark Lord! :imp:

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Well, write me up as interested in more details!

I could never understand why villains would ever want to destroy the entire world, except for the suicidal and insane…

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I expressed my interest on your poll, but I’ll do the same here; sounds like a fun game.

Fantasy and post apocalyptic? :slight_smile: count me in as interested!

I’m interested. I love fantasy and post-apocalyptic games.

Cool. Cool.

Much love.


Very cool, I’d be interested to see how you keep 12 companions in the story all at once :slight_smile: I’m doing something similar (12 contestants) but I’m splitting them all up.

Good luck! following!

This seems cool I was always interested in stories where the hero’s failed.

Sounds very interesting! :slight_smile:

So heres a bit of an update on what I’ve been doing. I’ve been messing around with the ChoiceScript IDE version and got the basic intros of each starting town/place down path. I have no idea how to make a link out of it since it downloads, so if anyone can help explain it, that’d be really helpful (since the wikia doesn’t load very well with me for some reason).

The official starting areas are as follows:
Isolated fort/castle near a valley
A port-like city built into the cliffs and beach (Cassardis in the cliffs with lots of bridges basically)
Ruins of a once giant trade city
Underground city that is actually mostly in tact.
Nomads that travel around
Tiny, growing village that mostly is farming-focused on the outskirts of a dangerous forest
Ex-Wild child living in a shack with Granny in said dangerous forest
Bandits that move about like the nomads, but do have a fair share of main “bases”

Each city gets its own stat bonuses (like Bandits get bonuses to family, thievery, weaponry, ect. For example of course). Each one also determines when you get one of the four major companions, whether it be from the beginning or later. Underground City is the only one that as all three potential human-ish companions introduced at the same time, while the Shack doesn’t have any human-ish companions, just the talking pet.

There are also two semi-decent trading cities that are starting to be rebuilt, though a majority of the world is pretty much kaput. The once scarce big monsters (like chimeras and whatnot) suddenly became very populous and decide to gain a couple feet in size, making going out scrounging for materials very dangerous. There are also magical windstorms that whip across the world everymonth that are powerful enough to rip the skin off anybody that doesn’t take shelter. I’m thinking the storms will come into play during the story and if the PC doesn’t have high enough in a few stats or met the right people, they will kinda…die.

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Sounds very interesting. I think this is the first project of this genre.

Hey all. I’m still working on a demo and getting it hosted so I can link it to the public. So last major post. The rest will be edits to these big three. It might also take a bit longer than expected, since I have a load of midterms coming up here in March. So I might idle a long while to get three Midterm essays in my Literature class done with. In the meantime, I’m going to leave down the bare bones of what the 12 companions are. And I’ll kinda let everyone figure out what would be the best and the worst ideas, mostly due to the fact that 12 companions seems a wee bit much.

These three are confirmed to appear:
Light: He’s an albino with an all white motif. Does healing and doubles as a dancer. Kinda the cute end of the spectrum. Can only be male (no matter the preference)

Dark: She’s a rebellious girl from the Northern coastal areas (so Chinook-like tribe) and an all black motif. She’s the beastmaster and doubles as the master gardener. Can only be female (no matter the preference)

Homua: Their gender varies on the PC’s orientation. They’re a nearly-emotionless person that follows the PC’s command to a T. They hide a pretty big, if semi-obvious secret. I’m not sure if they should be a companion early on (like childhood protector) or met later.

~Up in the air as to whether they should be added (all are love interests but the pet so far. Do mention if that’s a bit too much…)~

A cute witch that lives in the graveyard. Very shy and hates confrontation. Only female.

A gambler-trickster that is met after he steals/cheats the PC out of their money and they have to get it back. Only male.

One of the trading town guards that decides to team up with PC to be a bodyguard instead. Any gender.
The resident childhood friend of any gender.

Any gender talking pet that can be one of a couple species like mini-hydra, mini-chimera, mini-gryphon, ect.

An upstuck brat that proves to be the remains of a very high noble class. Is also an elf. Turns out to have a heard of gold behind their elven superiority complex. Any gender.

A Ijiraq from the North that proves to be quite the handful. Is mix of Tsundere and Yandere towards the PC. Any gender.

A barbarian nomad that is barely making it out there and was only recently rescued. Very few manners and has a love for meat. A werewolf-like being that is only female.

A gentle, cross-dressing vampire-like beast (not a true vampire, he’s another beast like it, but not exactly) that shows to have a split-personality that is by far not romanticized at all. Only male.


I didn’t know what an ijiraq was until I looked it up (which for me is a plus in monster fiction.) They look like they’d make for awesome characters. Good luck with this, looking forward to a demo.