Post a Drawing of Yourself!


Hello! I’m the Perv Master, and in an attempt to integrate myself into this community and trick myself into believing there are people who actually care about me, I’ve started a topic! Yeah!

So just post a drawing of yourself here, where it will be judged by a bunch of people you don’t know!

To start, here’s my drawing.

Okay, admittedly it’s not a hundred percent accurate. I don’t have that awesome cloak in real life.


Is your name herbert?


I don’t know who this Herbert fellow is, but he sounds like a total loser.


It’s a joke, Herbert the pervert.



looks at profile picture

Well, uhm, have a larger version, at least.


I guess i could get a picture of myself and use some magic with photoshop to make it look drawn or something


I’m not a Yeti, I swear! I just have a lot of hair!!!


It’s so beautiful. The poo-poo really ties the whole thing together.

There are Ninjas Flagging my Posts

I feel like the words, “Behave, Cataphrak is watching you.” Should be put under that picture


I guess someone didn’t like a drawing…


Haha I had the same thought. It reminds me of some sort of dystopian Big Brother propaganda but it’s definitely very cool.

@Cataphrak, if you drew that you’re very talented.

@SpaceLesbian, I love yours too. More people should have lots of hair. I’m thinking of doing the same.


Ooph, you guys are all awesome! @vampierkid222 I want some killer wings like that, man.

My sincerest apologies for including my sweaty, sleep deprived face.

@HornHeadFan I’m waitin’ for that beta like:

Community College Hero: Releasing Soon

Someone randomly flagged you ;p


Man that’s awesome. You should post that in the CCH thread.


Lol I’ll tryed the wing’s for your hair :joy:


This thread is the best. Some of you are insanely talented.

Here is a comic I drew with myself in it some years ago. It is very mildly NSFW/PG-13-questionable for semi-transparent nightgownage.


Will do once I finish up another silly little something I have for the CCH thread! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


DEAL, I’ll definitely rock the Picard look for a pair of wings.


I will absolutely draw you some Hedonist fan art, if I can manage to think of something that isn’t downright pornographic. :smile: I think half of my ideas about him would probably get me arrested, forget drawing and posting them in a forum…