Porter's 2014 wip


In 2014 i will start a wip that i will actually finish and not just throw away somewhere on my computer. so there will be another wip from me, i’m starting to think that im addicted to create wip’s yay
but my question now is, What should i make? because as always i have a million ideas…

  1. The Void Assassin. (si-fi/action)

its set in th near future think around 2040
You are born with a gift, a power, that not many people have…
A dark power known as void…
unfortunatly for you people want you dead because you are a danger to the cociety, so will you survive?
will you find your way in mastering void?

  1. Atlas. (Adventure/Fantasy/action)
    (i have 2 ideas for this so please tell me wich one i should do)
  1. you are a guard on a prison ship thats transporting a very dangerous wizard. unfortunatly he breakes free and hell breakes loose, the ship sinks and you wake up on a mystical island called Atlas.
    its up to you to find the evil wizard and save Atlas
  2. this is before 1
    darkness falls over the world as a evil wizard awakes, its up to you, the general of the royal army, to find this wizard and lock him up…
    fight your way trough these lands searching for the wizard bla bla bla you get it
  1. (i need a title so please if you have one say it) (horror)
    You are a journalist that moves away from the city and goes to live in a small town called Lakeville.
    at first it seems quite peacefull but that soon changes…
    people start to dissapear…
    weird things happen…
    something in the forest…
    it has no eyes but sees you…
    you cant run…
    some people call it Slenderman…
    will you find out what is happening in Lakeville?
    will you survive?

so these are my 3/4 ideas please if you choose 2 also choose if you want story 1/2 for it and if you choose 3 please leave a name for the story if you have one

-Porter, your forum void assassin-


What happened to “Life of Pie”?


@Redgrave its somewhere on my computer and i will finish it one time i just dont know when


2014? :slight_smile:


Ok without votes i have decided… lol
I will start this year with a horror story (3)

One change in the story its not about slenderman anymore but about something else in the woods…
So pleas people give me a title for this game


“The Stalker?”

Just a thought.


Atlas 1 sounds amazing


Hmmm i have changed my mind again and i will wait some days before i choose


Well the ‘Lakeville’ horror sounds painfully similar to Alan Wake, so I’d definitely advise against that one, unless you’ve got real confidence that you can spin a good amount of (interesting) originality into it.


Alan Wake? ill google it
Well my story is basicly a town that is haunted by (i cannot tell because of the story)


Cmon i need votes i am bad at making choices (pretty funny since all these games are aboit making choices)


2 or 3…




I’ve already voted for Atlas 1


No I mean #1,as in the first choice


I like the first idea for Atlas


The void assassin sounds cool




getting in my condition, be careful. and yeah 1 would be best for me


1 idea seems like be cool