Polyamorous Romance Choices


I do read manga from time to time and this suggestions are very interesting. I will give a read to both so thank you for the showing me this!

One example of stories/shows that I enjoy even though the cast of characters are children would be Erased, the anime. It’s dark yes, but there are moments that are very cute.
I will check out both mangas regardless ^^


Ok, an even later reply this time.
Haven’t seen the episode of that anime or read the manga it is based on but that description made me think of another manga you might like.

That is, 3 Gatsu no Lion (link here: http://kissmanga.com/Manga/3-Gatsu-no-Lion).
It can get a bit dark, especially at the start of the manga, even if it may be more like a kind of grey melancholy but that makes those moments of happiness shine all the brighter.


Wondering if any of the books have polygamy as an option


I’ve noticed Choice of Magics has a fair few options for polyamory - might be worth a look, although it’s not a dedicated romance story.


Yeah but only till a certain point . After that it becomes a single romance


Thus far, i can only remember Tin Star … i read that it allow up to 5 RO together ??

But me myself only romance 2 RO together, Maria and Carrie …


I remember with my WW2 resistance game I toyed with an option to date twin sisters/brothers who were waiters/waitresses in a possible headquarters, but I think I was too concerned with how it would work and the inevitable Allo Allo annotations… :sweat_smile:


Ah I didn’t realise, my bad.


In Grand Academy for Future Villains, you’re able to have a relationship with more than one character at a time. Not sure if it counts as poly since your love interests don’t interact with one another in a romantic context, but I am fairly sure that Xi at least says they’re okay with you having relationships with other people.


The good ol’ surprise threesome. We need a full list. I apologize if I don’t have names for some of these characters, I am too lazy to go back and look.

Zombie exodus safe haven: If you are romancing Jillian, when you reach part 2, and you are in your tent with her, about to get things started, Gina will join you.
Choice of robots: AS mentioned, if you have a wife, and a robot who I guess is human like, you can play together.
The last Wizard: I don’t remember the character name, but the hot blonde guard who saves you when you first arrive. If you end up with her, she will eventually bring a friend along to join you.
The Eagle’s heir: Didn’t achieve it, but there is one in there if you check the achievements.

If anyone has others, with as much specifics as possible, copy the above and then add to the list. it seems the event only occurs with a specific character, in specific circumstances, so simply mentioning the title may not get you far.


In Zombie Exodus parte 2 in the tent scene if you are romancing Jaime and the hole kissing starts Lopez will join you too. And the author actually answered me on Twitter and said that a three way relationship with the two of them is planned for later updates soo… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Stronghold has 3 sets of throuples that you can be involved in (as in the PC plus two others).