Polyamorous Romance Choices


The Superlatives: Aetherfall has a poly option.


Added to the list! I’ll play it very soon since I also need a bit of inspiration for my game. Despite that, I love poly relationships a lot :smile:


I believe you can have a poly relationship in Choice of the Pirate as well as Scarlet Sails and The Eagle’s Heir.

Don’t know if a poly relationship will be an option in later installments of Wayhaven Chronicles but in the first you can end up in a love triangle so depends on how it is resolved.
Sounds like you can have a poly relationship in Fallen Hero: Rebirth: “Romance a mad scientist, your former partner, or both.”
In coming installments of Zombie Exodus a poly relationship is supposed to be an option as well.


The author has confirmed that there will be no polyromance in TWC. In the end of the love triangle (in the future books), you have to choose one over the other.


The Guinevere WIP allows you to be in a polyamorous relationship.


I’m sorry for the off-topic, but what? I knew about a straight guy being able to end up with both ladies, but for gay male or any kind of female there is only ever one-on-one relationship.

Never heard of (or was able to do) a threesome as a lady Monk, and I believe it’s mostly because you have to actively ignore the straight option in order for the game to even recognise your interest in Silk Fox, otherwise you’ll get locked in a straight relationship with Sky.


You sold me at Pirate!

I was also very excited for the Fallen Hero game and I will definitely buy it, no doubt.

I played Wayhaven and replayed many times to get all the ROs, I was certainly disappointed that you couldn’t get a poly option with Nat and Ava. But the game was so good that I didn’t really mind :smile:

I played Guinevere and I was not aware of this option, what???


Thought that was the most likely outcome but thought it was worth mentioning as a possibility.

Then you’re in luck seeing as there’s two pirate-themed games.

You can start a relationship with either Lancelot or Morgana.
I don’t believe Arthur knows about that you’re in a relationship with one of them so far though.


Tell me more owo

So you can romance Arthur while you have a relationship with Lancelot or Morgana? I was looking for one where all three love each other (including the MC of course).


Well, you play as a pirate in the first two games I mentioned; Choice of the Pirate (obviously) and Scarlet Sails.

Wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for that to happen, especially not if you go for Morgana seeing as Arthur and Morgana are siblings.
Morgana also refuses to be in a relationship with you if you’re with Lancelot so that is out too.


The game itself is really good, so i’m not really bothered by it. It’s just nice to have the option, ya know?



I too tend to be a fan of having more options,
But yeah, it is a pretty good game.


FH spoiler:

its not really poly in this installment , as you play as two characters. But maybe in the future


I think the the body of puppet can romance both Dr Mordum and Ortega, hence it should be consider one “person” romancing with 2 ROs ?

@SmolPirate… If i am not mistaken "Slammed ! " also has Poly Romance option


Ehhh… it’s not poly if not all involved parties are consenting to it


It sounds very complicated :smile:



I want a polyamorous options, which means the MC and the other two ROs love each other the same way. Like in Heart of the House with Dev and Loren! Very sweet :blush:


It’s been awhile since I played the game but I think it’s more like an unresolved love triangle (which is apparently exactly what the achievement says it is too).


Mutual love between each other or just love triangle that you’ll eventually have to pick between?


Both of them are in love with you but not with each other.
And the game ends without finding out how the love triangle is resolved thus the achievement for ending the game with an unresolved love triangle.