Poltical views (inspired by old topic)


I wanted to start a political discussion with the community on here considering the craziness happening in Washington right now. (Inspired by a similar discussion way back in the day) State your name and political views Ex: Age :17 Party: democrat> indent preformatted text by 4 spaces


Me personally i am
Party: Democrat


So is this just a topic for Americans?

Age: 29
Party: Lib Dems

Do we need to discuss political views or are we just running a poll?

Personally I feel the the first past the post system is a broken system that promotes apathy for the main political parties. I also find that due to the age and class divide between the public and the current government many laws and policy changes reflect views held only by older, middle class, white, straight, christian males. E.g law on psychoactive substances, current immigration laws


Bio: 17 Straight white/Asian Christian male, republican

Until this point I’ve attempted to avoid politics as I will not be old enough to vote for the next election. I figure it’s about time to start paying at least a little attention however.

What is your opinion on current immigration laws if you don’t mind me asking?


Absolutely not just for americans. If you’re from another part of the world feel free to share your views. :slight_smile:


The current government is trying to restrict immigration to our country at the moment and places a lot of blame for problems in out country on Polish and Portuguese people who come to work here.

They’re also being extremely restrictive on accepting Syrian asylum seekers, choosing to accept the bare minimum. For some reason our country chooses to give more in aid than any other country in the world but when people need actual help rather than money we shut them out. It’s ridiculous hypocrisy.


Just to clarify I’m discussing UK politics at the moment. Lib Dems are a UK political party


So I’m from the us are these your opinions on the us immigration or uk?


Lol UK immigration. I have no clue about US politics, just seems like a mess of people insulting each other.


:smiling_imp: Yeah, that’s basically what it is now.

EDIT: Yay! Someone else from the UK is here! :tada: :confetti_ball: :boom:


im 14 with no party views but i believe that the uk should leave the European council


Lol yay for UK. I got the feeling this topic had political parties in the USA in mind when it was created so I figured it was time to get some other countries political issues talked about. The topic didn’t specify a country :slight_smile:


Leave the EU? What’s your opinion on Scotish independence?


I’m a 16 year old atheist democrat. And from what i’ve seen in the next us presidential election religion will be very important


@Boman19 like I said before I’ve tried to stay out of this election because it seems like a whole bunch of shit. I mean just last week we were learning about the Great Depression and my history teacher related trump to hitler.


I hate what Trump says, but I hate all the republican candidates. I mean, my opinion doesn’t really matter because I can’t vote, but…


Age: Late twenties
Party: Not affiliated, but heavily influenced by Chinese Communist Party
Ideological bent: Revisionism/utilitarianism


Same here can’t really stand any of the republican candidates either


Are you a Chinese national the or just appreciate their values?


I am Chinese and don’t appreciate all their values.

By the way nowadays their values can be defined as consumerism and revisionism lol.