Polls about COG, HG, and IF games

Well in a lot of games yes, but Zombie exodus really is great at making sure you know that your pre out break career mater. In the first one each of them even had multiple of their own endings (or maybe just one if you don’t count variants.) I don’t remember exactly so I could be wrong about that, but Safe Haven has custom beginnings for most of them, we might also get custom endings but I’m not sure. Other gamebooks yeah I’d agree, but the ZE stories are probably the worst examples.


Almost always M/M. Occasionally M/NB. If the game allows me to play as NB with he/him pronouns, I’ll go for NB/M. So far NB/NB has never happened but it’s a theoretical possibility in the right game.


Unless I’m using the game to help develop/figure out a new male character I’ve come up with or don’t know well yet, or to figure out a female character I’m finding it difficult to understand, I play a female MC romancing males. Unless all the male ROs suck and/or my MC just doesn’t like them, in which case, I don’t bother with the romances at all. And sometimes don’t bother with the game, either, lol.

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@Blehh – romance and sex being synonymous in your game?

This is such a nuanced and open-ended subject that my “vote” would not really be of use, because it would be different depending on the game and the play through.


I’m not making a game, just curious about what other people thought.

It really depends how I’m playing. Often I don’t “gravitate” towards any romance at all, even when I play a character who does experience sexual and/or romantic attraction - it’s not that I’m avoiding it, it just isn’t a huge priority for me.

Shouldn’t the F/M option be split into F/M and M/F?

It matters a lot which one is the PC, when it comes to making a game…

And it would be nice to be able to choose more than one option.


Male to female, though I do like to switch it up on occasion flip it the other way. I usually don’t play as gay MCs unless I want to go with a “Leigon Mindset.” Usually because there are sex locked options. Which I do generally like, but I don’t play these for romance usually, so that’s rare. (This also the reason I almost always don’t like choosing what’s in the pants of ROs, but that’s a different conversation.)

If this was asked a few years ago the answer would be different, but life changed since then. I’d be happy to talk about that in Private messages, but this board isn’t the place for it. So ask and you shall receive.

For me it’s always M/M or NB(being me, the player)/M(being the romance option)


Hmm, so how about something with somewhat broader options?

Which types of romance routes will you play?

  • F/F
  • F/M
  • F/NB
  • M/F
  • M/M
  • M/NB
  • NB/F
  • NB/M
  • NB/NB
  • I don’t do romance routes.

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I guess I’m in the minority but I genuinely don’t care. I tend to pick my character’s gender on the spur of the moment, and will romance any RO that seems fun or interesting (or not romance anyone if I’m in a more A plot focused mood).


Well, I’m in that group too. Would be good to have that option in the poll as well.

My poll is basically worthless now so go use the new one

This one is mostly for fun.

Which would you like the most.

  • A fantasy story based on where you’re from (IE Britonia being Britain.)
  • A sci fi story from wherever you are in the future (can choose how far/prosperous it is.)
  • A post apocalyptic story set in your home town/surrounding areas. (Can choose apocalypse type.)

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Feel free to flesh it out as much as you wish. Doesn’t even need to be doable as this is just hypothetical.

Just making sure I’m understanding correctly: The only difference between these options is whether it’s fantasy, sci-fi, or post-apocalyptic, and the location being where you live is a static?

I should have specified non post apocalyptic sci fi. Though I intentionally left the apocalypse able to be fantastical.

I’m going to vote for sci-fi just because there’s so little of it around.

My preference for a story set in my current place of residence would actually be something contemporary/realistic. That doesn’t mean I’m opposed to speculative elements, but when I picked “fantasy” in the poll I definitely had low/urban fantasy in mind. The story doesn’t need to be realistic, but I’d like the setting to be.

Yeah, I think urban fantasy was the intent of that option. If you want a totally realistic setting that would probably actually be post-apoc, since there are definitely settings that are so far post-apoc that they cycle back to modern.

Honestly, if I wanted a story set where I lived, I’d want it to actually be set there, not some sci-fi/fantasy/post-apocalyptic version of it. Any of those elements either changes it so much that whatever trappings are carried over from the real-world version become irrelevant, or are condemned to be so irrelevant themselves that anyone who wants magic or spaceships or radiation mutants will be disappointed at how little they matter.

That said, I don’t adore stories set in realistic versions of where I live either, at least not by dint of that alone.