Polls about COG, HG, and IF games

You’re a waaay lot older than me. I don’t even remember about the Atari despite it being the first console in our house :joy:

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Poke with cane Watch it, you little shit! Lol I could make your ears bleed with zillions of stories that start with ‘‘In my time…’’ :smile:


I’m not necessarily the type to avoid a published title because there’s no romance (though I do avoid WIPs with no romance, for some reason), but like… okay.

The majority of IF titles are in genres and settings that I largely hold little to no interest in: fantasy, superheroes, science fiction, and either ancient, medieval, or otherwise significantly pre-modern times. These genres/settings in traditional media either bore me to tears or just do nothing to peak my interest, for whatever reason. Certain genres being heavily mixed in (like horror, psychological thriller, or some genre-mash I’ve never seen before) or damn good political intrigue can change my mind on occasion. But seriously, in pretty much every other fictional medium, I like my settings contemporary and my stories realistic. And this genre and setting preference largely applies to this medium, too.


I always make exceptions for a decent playable romance. Idk what it is exactly… I have similarly always made exceptions for romantic visual novels, too. I don’t play IF as myself, but I love reading my OCs interact with new characters in circumstances I would never dream up, and I love reading them fall for people. So like, if an IF doesn’t have romance, I’m probably gonna play it as ‘myself’.

And if that’s the case… well, I’m very, very picky about what interests me! :laughing:

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I personally would play a game with no romance, but, it seems sometimes I tend to search for something that does have, because its kind of the only way I can have some kind of intimate interaction with someone, most of the times (I think) we search out there what we can’t have in out lives (like being a vampire hunter, fight monsters, explore non existing places, or places that simply we can not visit for real). Not always, but I don’t imagine a game that portraits a similar life to mine being attractive to someone, less for me.



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Hmmm, it’s not so much that I won’t read stories without RO’s, and more that the promise of romance-to-come can motivate me to keep reading through mediocre writing, info dumps, lack of a proper plot hook, and choices that either lack satisfying options or are so confusing that they make me want to rage quit.
In other words, romance makes me give a chance to games I’d have otherwise stopped playing after the first scene. Also, I rarely see the types of narratives I enjoy around here, without any romance included.


and writing romance is so much fun… :smirk:

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Speak for yourself there :sweat_smile:

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well it’s daunting at first, doubt eat at you and all, but you can’t know what you can do unless you try, and if it suck…keeping at it will make it look better :stuck_out_tongue:


I usually prefer games with romance, for a multitude of reasons. I make exceptions for games that specifically have strong inter-character relationships (characters counting the mc), but if it doesn’t have that then it’s a pass from me. An example of such an exception is Parenting Simulator. The main relationship is between the mc and their child, which was strong enough and interesting enough to catch my attention despite the game having no ROs. However, most games that don’t have romance focus on plot over characters (usually quite heavily). Another issue that tends to crop up is that romance is often one of the primary ways to get to know someone better, so I sometimes feel less able to know the characters I’m interested in without the ability to enter a relationship with them. I think this may be starting to change, though perhaps not as much as I I’d like.

Another thing is that romance is attractive to me because it’s something I can’t get as easily in other places. Other media is far more likely to restrict my options to only opposite gender options (for context, I’m pan ace) and to have bad representation or no representation. COG is where I come to take a break from all that. Though I’ll be the first to admit I’m not entirely happy with their representation either, it’s leagues better than most of the other media I consume, and there truly is a lot of representation to be happy about here. Aside from that, I like my escapism sometimes, either for the aforementioned reason of this being one of the only places I can get unproblematic fluffy queer love stories, or because my own love life is non-existent.

So yeah, I’ll read no-RO stories, but it’ll be a harder sell for me.


I’m just going to speak up for the people who are already in really fulfilling real-life relationships who also thoroughly enjoy romance in games. I don’t see the two as comparable, and with the kinds of games I like to play (mainnly genre/scifi/fantasy/historical/horror games) the two just serve different purposes entirely.

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I’d rather play a CoG or HG with no ROs than ROs who were not executed well. As long as the author doesn’t ‘lock’ the option to get to know the character(s) behind the romance ‘door’ then I don’t have any strong feelings for or against ROs being included.


I’m not big on romance myself. But this topic of conversation is interesting enough that I think it deserves a follow up poll.

Would you play a game with no romance, if it allows the MC to forge deep friendships or non-romantic relationships with other characters?

  • I like romance, but think that would be enough for me.
  • I don’t care about romance, but I’d still like that feature.
  • It wouldn’t be enough for me. I’d still want romance.
  • I don’t care about romance, and wouldn’t like that feature.

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I’d love this to be a thing in some games for variety. One thing I find is under represented in CS games are the deep friendship/comradery type relationships with no romantic overtones to colour it into something else.


I did some brainstorming to pass my time during lockdown and I came with some names for a dragon powered superhero (I don’t plan to do anything with him yet).

I just wanted to put up a poll so I could see which name will be popular among people.

  • Drag
  • Drage
  • Drak
  • Drakan
  • Drek
  • Dregon
  • Ladon

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Drek means shit in some languages.


Well, some dragons are brown-colored, so I think the name suits :joy:

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Out of curiosity, what kind of comparatively niche relationship-focused games would you be interested in playing?


  • “Romance game” means romance and romanceable characters are the main part of the game, but not necessarily the only part of the game (think of The Wayhaven Chronicles or the Heart’s Choice line).
  • Format is MC gender/RO gender [e.g., F/M romance game means you play as female and all the romance options are male].
  • “Gender-choice” means you can play as female, male, or non-binary.
  • “Gender-variable” means the genders of the romance options are choosable or determined by the MC’s sexuality.
  • “Various” means there is a variety of fixed-gender female, male, and non-binary romance options.

"Generally speaking, I’d be interesting in playing a well-written…"

  • F/F romance game
  • F/Gender-variable romance game
  • F/M romance game
  • F/Various romance game
  • Gender-choice/F romance game
  • Gender-choice/M romance game
  • M/F romance game
  • M/Gender-variable romance game
  • M/M romance game
  • M/Various romance game
  • NB/F romance game
  • NB/Gender-variable romance game
  • NB/M romance game
  • NB/NB romance game
  • NB/Various romance game
  • Romance-less game about familial relationships
  • Romance-less game that lets you develop deep friendships with a variety of characters (essentially, Friendship Options instead of Romance Options)
  • Romance-less game that lets you develop deep antagonistic relationships with a variety of characters (essentially, Rivalry/Enemy/Nemesis Options {a.k.a. “Hate Interests”} instead of Romance Options)
  • None of these interest me
  • Abstain

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I maybe dumb, but where is gender choice/ gender variable romance games?

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I think because that is one of the most common formats it isn’t included? The poll is for comparatively niche alternatives if I understand it correctly.

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