Polls about COG, HG, and IF games (More Polls #16)

Uh, what’s that about the MC/MC part of the poll? Is that about games where there are two MCs and the PoV switches between them?
Also is it on purpose that the MC/RO vote doesn’s include young MC, someone in their 20s?

I don’t think you can boil it down to a number. And putting it in a poll like this…I think the discussion on the Age Gap thread is better. There are so many reasons why people look at age gaps differently, and this poll doesn’t account for that.


The poll is misleading. I feel different What I find interesting and what I feel perfectly okay but I don’t want play should be two different polls


Kinda wish there was an abstain (for data points/proportions–it’s bad to just leave out “givens”). I really do only play characters around my age (20s-30s when the profession expects it), dating similarly aged or older folks (20s-30s). Rarely am I romancing a younger party, regardless.

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Same here. Since I’m 26 I prefer to play MCs who are 20+, early 30s. As for ROs I prefer for them to be older than my MC or if younger they should have a certain presence to them. (Tho there are always exceptions.) Given the options of the poll I’ll just assume I’m not it’s target audience and pass up on voting.

Also I’m still confused about the MC/MC part?

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A typo. Don’t read too much into it.

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Angst scale here, how do you like your endings?

  • Sunny side up (gtfo angst)
  • Over easy (some angst but, don’t kill my OC, yeah?)
  • Poached (Bring on the angst so long as it’s valid)

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Old poll I know, but I’m surprised so many people picked cats.
Dogs would be like: Hey you’re part of the pack so if you’re good we can go to the park and play games and have as much food as you want (hope you like kibble!) If you’re naughty, you’ll get told off, but then we can all be friends again right?

Cat’s would be like: Keep out of my way unless I send for you slave or feel the wrath of my claws!


Very true! Dogs would be the best overlords in terms of fairness? Niceness? Cats are just more believable since they pretty much have us at their beck and call as it is :joy:


Isn’t that basically how cats already are now?


On the flip side, canine overlords would keep you chained to them 24/7 just to give them a constant stream of affection and positive affirmation. Feline overlords would allow you to live your own independent life most of the time.

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Dogs would take you out for walks and play with you, while cats keep you locked inside a cell for the rest of your life.:joy:

But it’s just too much of a bother to release you when it’s time to serve. Besides they’re secure in the knowledge that nothing else you do could possibly compete with the honor of serving them or the pleasure of basking in their divine presence. So they are not particularly inclined to micromanage the lives of the lesser beings who serve them.


This conversation reminded me of this: