Poll: What cold treat do you prefer?

  • Ice cream :icecream:
  • Popsicles :shaved_ice:

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Yes this is very important for important reasons but I will not tell you why because the important reasons are too important :ice_cream:

Edit: Frozen yoghurt and sorbet is not included because in my opinion those two shouldn’t even be in the same league as ice cream and popsicles.


That’s a tough question.


That sounds ominously absurd…


In my experience popsicles have their taste more together but usually we only have our hands to catch the melting bits.

Ice cream usually has a cone or bowl to catch it.

Well I can’t decide.


Why is everyone dissing the popsicles

Don’t worry popsicle fam I’ve got your back you can have my vote



Hmmm, tough choice. On one hand, you have delectable frozen milk and cream. On the other, you have frozen industrial sugar, artificial flavoring and color. Tough choice indeed.


Ice cream has so many flavor combinations and toppings, whereas popsicles can only go so far in that department.

Unless we’re talking about those push popsicles that you let melt in the plastic tube, those were lit.


Well if by popsicles you mean just those chunks of flavored ice then that makes my choice easier.


Popsicles are a disappointment. My mom would get boxes of Otter Pops because they were cheap and they tasted like my tears.

Now I’m a grown ass adult with my own money and I’ll eat Ben and Jerry’s for dinner if I want to! (I don’t, I feel guilty if I don’t eat enough vegetables, 10 year old bobs would be so let down if she knew)

edit: now that I think of it, I was ok with shaved ice but not popsicles. Weird


Call me when there are caramel popsicles.
Although I rarely eat anything sweet


I mean, I trust you.

So I hope you can trust me, when I say that popsicles don’t deserve love when Ice Cream is on the table. Ice Cream master treat.


Surprised no one has mentioned hot and cold desserts. Like waffles/crapes with ice cream on, like day walker desserts lol. They’re definitely my favourite. But seriously ice cream is just so versatile. You can have it with other puddings, aside from the ones I mentioned there’s a ton more, sticky toffee pudding, chocolate cake etc. You can have ice cream cake, have it on it’s own. Where as popsicles…you have less flavours and you can eat them by themselves and that’s it. Oh and I went to Italy, specifically Sicily, the best place for ice cream in the world(and in my opinion it does everything the best tbh :stuck_out_tongue: ) , and if you ever try some ice cream or some ice cream cake from a traditional Sicilian town…yeah there really is no comparison…Oh and I mentioned crapes before, Italy also invented nutella, which also goes amazing on crapes :stuck_out_tongue: .





Haha that’s cute


The answer for these types of questions is always both. :yum: I like both, but I’ll always choose ice cream if I can only pick one. They usually have more flavors and are not restricted to sticks. Also, how can you say no to toppings? You can also mix them together! Crazy, right? :open_mouth:


Is the reason that you’re treating us all to frozen desserts and you need to know how many to buy? :yum:


gelato but since that’s not an option… popsicles (had to google that lol, we call 'em ice blocks)


Slander! I would chose a good sorbet everytime over ice cream. (And Sorbet has the advantage of “no need to ask if it’s lactose free”)


While popsicles have a particular place in my childhood, I’m more of a ice cream person. I prefer the taste and you can even play with it. It’s pretty much tasty snow (and I love snow) :joy:.