Poll: The deception of truth


This is for multiple usage, out of both my own personal curiosity and for Development of my game, yet it can be so much more.

I have a pretty simple question, I’m about to state, I want you, yes you reading this, to click the option best fitting your opinion of the statement. It would aid even further if you were to give your reasoning for your opinion.

The first of possibly three controversial polls (if any other comes after this) your assistance in this aids in more ways than you know ^~^

Withholding the truth is the same thing as lying.

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Committing a crime against a known criminal is acceptable

**Rule #1**: Don't perjure yourself in court.

**Rule #2**: Outside of court, playing dirty is fair game.

:smirk_cat: **Withholding the truth isn't lying if they can't prove it!!!!** :smirk_cat:


Lol @packet simply lol, that was kinda what I was thinking, not to that extent of course, I’m still innocent ^~^, but yesh.

I think I shall build a court scene, where the mc is a witness or the criminal, and tries to prove themselves innocent…gonna need some rethought in that…ignore this lol making a random note to self =p

But Still would you personally consider it lying if your outside of the court of course, and say only a piece of the truth or even use word play and technicalities to cut out the rest of the truth?


Hell to the no.

Accidentally breaking my girlfriend’s iPhone while she’s away?

I could tell her the truth and hope she doesn’t become too upset… I mean, it was her favorite phone; if she does get upset, she’ll likely call her daddy - her daddy is a bear in human form and upsetting his daughter is akin to signing your own death warrant…

But, maybe there’s the chance–



I’mma tell her that she misplaced her phone.
While she’s looking, I’ll haul ass over to the nearest Verizon and pick up a brand new phone, identical to her broken one.

I’ll restore all of her data from iCloud and she’ll never know the difference.

Smart. I’m a few hundred dollars poorer, but at least I get to keep my head. :blush:
(And the girl.)


Is withholding the truth the same thing as lying? No, otherwise it would just be called… lying. Is it just as bad? Possibly. Depends on who you ask.

Saying that withholding the truth is the same as lying is like saying that a mule is the same thing as a donkey. At least that’s how I see it.


Packet lol you maman gotta stop cracking me up with each post lol. I can really picture that moment tho

@Doctor do you not consider deception then a lie? Would you not feel betrayed (hopping over to random theme) if your king who you served extremely loyalty, though you are a slave, promised what you desired for continuous loyalty. When the time comes he delivers…though it is dead/destroyed (materialistic want) A likely story and evidence for bandits or enemies being behind it.

But you later find out that it was all a lie, and it was all faked by your king. Would you not say your king lied to you in fulfilling their part of the deal?

Same context generally saying, bandits did cause the harm. Him, himself and the men he ordered are nothing but bandits in this context, but in all doing, never said the whole truth in telling you it was he who orchestrated it, does this not make him a liar?


Yes and no. In both cases, the person seeking the truth, knows no better. If you are the person being lied to or not being told the truth, it would still leave you feeling betrayed when you discover the truth. You would see them as “lying”, for not telling you the truth.

If you’re the one telling the lie or with holding the truth, you usually do that because of the consequences that follow. You will self justify your reasoning for not being truthful.


Yeah. Doesn’t mean I still wouldn’t do it.


@iElite1023, before I go…are you agreeing to what Silver said? Or are you agreeing with the topic statement in general?


Lol the post in general. @Arcania


I don’t think withholding the truth is the same as lying, but personally I find it to be just as bad in any case.


No, why? ‘Lying’ is a way to communicate false or inaccurate statement. So then that concludes that withholding a truth is not lying unless you communicate to someone or public with false or inaccurate information.

But if your meaning to say if it is a ‘lie’ to hold the truth and avoiding the whole ‘matter’ then it is consider a lie. I think its more of a type of lie in a sense. Why? Well you are ignoring the truth and not sharing it. I think it is called deflection and/or omission? I don’t know but I think it’s a type of lie.

I am going to disagree because you said ‘lying.’

Withholding the truth is the same thing as lying.


To me, there’s a difference between “Have you seen my X” “Yes I have it, was in Y” when you’ve seen it in Z
"Have you seen my X" “I’m not sure” or just not saying anything


Does that difference make you say yes your showing deception, which in technicalities would be considered lying?


I can’t help but agree @Hell_Satan generally I would say it isn’t a lie. But we wouldn’t say once we find out the rest of the truth we would say when we find out the truth. That being said once it’s found you would see your trust going away and see as you’ve been lied to and that person as a liar.

Scenario A: You saw your cousin ate your best friends freshly baked brownies without permission, in turn your best friend took their phone. You watched them as they slipped it in their pocket. Your cousin asks you know where their phone is.

  • “No.” A lie. You’ve seen it.
  • “I don’t know where it Is right now” in your head your running the idea through your head, technically you no longer see it anymore…but you do know where it is hiding that part of the truth.
  • “Yes. But I’m not sure where it is right now.” Open ended answer could be considered a white lie, it is still hiding a bit of the truth, but in all technicalities the phone could have been removed and could by anywhere.
  • “Yes. So and so took it. They put it in their pocket.” The truth and the whole truth.

Isn’t everything except the last line considered a lie at best.

As @Packet stated, well generally, if one was to go to court, would making an exchange of word, shortening everything up to give an overview of what happened, speaking what truly occurred, but keeping important or such details out. Would that not be a lie?


Withholding the truth is the same thing as lying.

I strongly disagree.

While lying is to knowingly give out incorrect information, to withhold the truth is to either knowingly or unknowingly leave the wrong idea in someone’s mind, but the idea is formed by the person; the individual withholding the truth is not forming the idea.

When it comes to withholding something, the given response is entirely dependent on the guy the withold-er is speaking to. This guy can perceive them as a liar then, because they might think they do know the truth and are using silence as a way of saying ‘I don’t know’.

Withholding the truth can only be the same as lying if you keep quiet despite knowing what’s up. Otherwise, every response to your statement is purely subjective.


It really depends on what’s going on… withholding the truth can be lying in a way…but not always… people can device others by not saying the truth… and that is pretty much the same thing as lying. maybe someone didn’t speak a lie but they are living a lie. Or if someone was to asked a person if they have done such or such a thing and they have…and they find a way to avoid answering to make you think that they didn’t do it… it’s still deceptive.

A lie isn’t necessarily when a person says something that isn’t true…a lie is when a person purposely get someone else to think something that isn’t true…either by saying something… or withholding from saying the truth.


That depends on whether telling the ‘truth’ would be the only thing that could change the situation for the better (depends on your point of view). If it would, but you or someone else doesn’t tell it, it’s imo either the same as lying or something just as bad. In all other cases it either doesn’t matter or it’s for the better not to tell.


It can go either way in my opinion. It depends on the information being withheld.


Somehow this whole discussion reminds me of Immanuel Kant and his theories about the morality of your actions.