Poll: Pineapple pizza


Do you like pineapple pizza?

  • Yes I do! :pizza:
  • Hahahahahahahahahahaha NO

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In case you’re wondering, yes this is very important.


I never really tasted one cause pineapples are rare here :frowning:
It could probably be tasty though


I mean they’re not really pizzas right…



I mean, a pizza is a flat, round bread with sauce and cheese.
The real question is: Is white chocolate real chocolate?



That’s obviously a sinister evil person finding a loophole in the sacred Leggi della pizza (Pizza Laws)


I’ll order a pizza with pineapple and then pick every piece off. dont know why


It’s pretty much the one constant topping on my pizza


Why don’t you just order regular pizza with ham?


I love pineapple pizza! I like that little hint of sweetness, though I don’t like “Haiwian” pizza because most places uses barbecue sauces and not pizza sauce which is gross :weary:


No way. Too sweet for pizza. I don’t even like pineapple, anyway.


asgtfjdjjft SAUCE on pizza?? What’s that like? If someone would put any kind of sauce on pizza here (except the kebab one), people would be very upset. :frowning: :rofl:

I can eat pineapples on pizza, it doesn’t bother me (probably because I ate it when I was younger), but I prefer to stick to the vegetarian options - usually with with cheese and mushroom. Yum :sparkles:


Ah, I can see that you have fine taste indeed my friend.


It’s a sin to have pineapple on pizza and I’m not even Christian.


Pineapple pizza? Pineapple pizza?! What is this abomination you speak of? Pineapple pizza is a foe to all pizzas around the globe! If you are an ally of pizzas you will not even approve of pinnaple pizza’s existence! Thinking of it as pizza is heresy!


Jesus Christ.

Sorry, but it fits! :laughing:


Hawaiian pizza is merely a ploy to distract us from the real enemy: Mayo and Peas on pizza!


@Argentum Agreed. How does one even come up with that? I’m curious of the history behind it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Can we stone both the pineapple and the mayo&pea pizzas to death?


So common over here i sweden! The classic Hawai (pineapple + ham) is one of the basic pizzas everywhere.

My fave is pineapple and banana, but pinapple+banana+curried chicken+peanuts is also brilliant.


Pineapple BBQ chicken jalapeño pizza. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!