Poll: Open World Codex Policy


As it goes in an open world game would you prefer to…

  • Be Notified about unlocking codex information in game, I actually like getting the notification.

  • Be Notified before hand at the beginning of the game that I will unlock information as I travel and have the game automatically update that I may check when ever I please without being pestered thank you very much.

  • You mean those infuriating notification that pop up when I’m in the middle of a game or travel to a new area and I’m told about content unlocked?! Get it outta my face! I’ll prefer to check myself without the pestering.

  • Doesn’t matter. Either way goes.


It always starts out even…interesting.


It really depends on the game itself. If the notifications can be implemented in such a way that they make sense in the context of the game, then I would like to have them. Otherwise, I’d rather they be in the background.


In the end it’s kinda like achievements popping up. For the most parts temps the player/mc to go and check. Which as in the case of the poll, break immersion, which can be an issue. While background info, may simply have the mc forget it’s there…


Hmmm…I’m sure such adjustments can be made with these results so far.