Poll: If you had superpowers


If you could shapeshift:

  • I’d shapeshift into a hotter version of myself
  • Uhhh I’d be a dragon
  • Shapeshift into an unicorn
  • Shapeshift into a canine (wolf, dog, fox etc.)
  • Shapeshift into a feline (cat, tiger, lion etc.)

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If you could travel back in time:

  • I’d go back and change a conversation that I had
  • I’d save or help a loved one
  • I’d stop myself from doing something that had a negative impact in my life
  • I’d do something I wanted to do but couldn’t
  • I’d change the way how I said ”here” during attendance
  • I’d hide my food in another place because it got stolen the last time smh
  • I’d eat my past self’s dorritos

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If you had super strength:

  • I’d use it to help others
  • I can now finally brag about myself!
  • I’d use it to open cookie jars
  • I’d use it to hurt someone I hate
  • I’d use it to open that one goddamn jar lid that won’t get off!
  • Lol nah I’d be wasting it by watching TV all day

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