Poll: Canonical/Pre-set Significant Other


Simon/Suzane isn’t the sort to pursue aggressively, they’re more likely to mope about how their love is either unrequited or dishonorable.


(Oh right their other name is Suzane)

Is that why they’re so depressed before the main battle??? I’ve never gotten them to open up about it


For De Firiac, if I got the whole “they were very upset that you were going into the Xaos lands and not taking them with you” then I figured I probably did the romance route right.

That said, would it be better to leave them behind or take them with you? I don’t really want to be responsible for their safety. And who knows? Knowing my track record I might just end up getting them killed, which I do not want.

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I think it’s best to take Breden actually. I mean if she is really the traitor it would not be wise to let her ruin your rebellion. You can try to never be suspicous of her, and later kill her in the Xaos land (she wouldn’t expect it). You could later tell people she died in a storm or something, fooling both the people who liked her (like Elery) and the other spies. If she isn’t the traitor or she was but she loves the MC more than her duty then it will be her time to show her loyalty to you.


One of these days I’m going to make an NPC that fits all the other markers of a typical gender-swappable COG RO, including gratuitous amounts of description for both genders and a relationship bar, and they will end up not only being a villain, but will end up never having been in love with you (although a high relationship may end up making them respect you).

I will do this… glances at to-do list some time between eventually and never.


Well there is already a game doing kind of exactly that, and yeah it’s exactly as fun as you described


You hit the nail for me. I want a story. Like, I wouldn’t even mind starting married if the marriage is on the rocks, because that is the start of a story. Either I can work to repair my marriage and remember why we fell in love initially or I can let the marriage fail (or actively try to kill it). There is a story to enjoy and explore there.

I want ROs to come with story.

I also get very frustrated when a RO is just–yeah, you flirted a couple times and now you’re together. The romantic subplots deserve conflict and resolution, too.


Yep, exaclty. I’m reading/playng a story, and the romance should feel part of the story/a story too :smiley:


I’ve found that most games I’ve played that either had preset LIs (the Grim and I demo comes to mind) or locked-in objects of affection (Heroes Rise, Psy High) were fine as long as I had the option to limit my interaction with them. (I.E I don’t care if I break their hearts, I’m immediately breaking up with them if possible, or at least making them hate my guts enough to leave me alone. Shoo.) For example: in a fairly recent game, Rent-A-Vice, you play as a divorced MC with a customizable relationship status to your selected gender ex and an adopted or biological child. Both are required. Throughout the game you have the option to improve your relationships or let then corrode, but you always have the option to not to get back together with the ex. And I didn’t, because I didn’t like them. We were friendly but permanently divorced and that was my good ending.
I don’t go after relationship achievements and I don’t personally relate to the romantic aspect of CoGs whatsoever, but I can still find my own ways to enjoy them regardless of presets as long as they’re fair. I’ll just appreciate it if authors never make a non-romance-centered game unwinable/unfun if the LIs hate my MC. I feel like there should always be more to these games than who the MC ends up with if it’s not the main theme.


Honestly I like the way Hero Unmasked did it. You can be in love or just more or less forced in this romance. Hero Rise Prodigy whas okay to do so too. There whas more the problem of the charakterchange in the sequel. What I do really do not accept is if the romance would actually set my oriantation too (Yes I am looking at you sorcery is for saps). If there is a romance where the other has a fixed gender and you have to love him it will be a nogo if that is in way with how I personal feel.