POLL (31/01)- the wars we wage (30/07) : war, love survive and win that's your goal ! (Now with 73k words )

Hey just wanted to say its a nice game.I love youji senki and it is great to see a game based on it.
Just wanted to ask a question.Are there multiple gods in this universe like the anime or a single one.Will we have a arch-nemisis like mary.Thank you for reading.


Hey ! Thank you for taking the time to comment on my game : D

I’ll keep it at one God in the game, even though the principle of a Pantheon is quite interesting !

[spoiler]You remember the coworker who killed you ? Yeah don’t forget them because you’ll get smoke with them at some point.

Actually, I found the fact that Tanya’s coworker never had a greater impact (well excluding putting the wheel of the plot into motion) that a bit of a missed opportunity in the series, so yeah, I’ll try to use Chekhov’s gun principle and use every detail I’ve put in my story [/spoiler]


Thought I’d mention, the spoiler blur didn’t work.

I wouldn’t blame the nation rather the emperor. It was whilhem’s stupidity that ruined years of diplomacy. Man even broke a alliance with Russia that Bismarck tried to so hard to keep. That’s ignoring the Hun speech.

Youjo senki does actually have a pantheon though the anime and manga hadn’t got to the point where it’s mentioned.

Hey i choose i am attracted to women but its make childhood friend and gods gender to male.Is this supposed to happen.

Yeah he’s gender is pre set

What about the god then because i remembered you can change their gender

Yes the god can be changed that must be an error

I did some experimenting and it seems to be linked to how you died. Every time I have done the “pushed on the tracks” option the childhood friend is male and with the “shot in park lot” option they are female.

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Anyone know why it keeps loading after I hit the next button here

Thats where the demo ends.

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Ok thanks

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Anyone still alive here😂



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my MC is nothing if not a fool in love with Dorian also I love the ROs varying personalities! theyre all so loveable!! thank u for making something so wonderful also i love the type of RO Dorian is bc they just have that spoice :face_with_peeking_eye::ok_hand::sparkles:


Ahahah I’m still out here ! IRL is kick my butt and I’m trying to
1/Debug the game
2/Re write some scenes
3/Write some new content (I actually have 6-7k of new content but that’s not enough, I’ll try to update with 20k of words at once.

Thanks a lot for sticking around all of youuu !!!


Omg thanks so much for the RO feedback !!! I love romance games and I wanted to make romance quite a big part of the game, but for now I’m still pretty much doing some world building plot fleshing which doesn’t give lots of romance. I’m glad you liked D so far, they are my type of individual for sure ! Next update won’t be that romance centric (except if I find the inner strength to make Maria and T’s one on one morning with mc route).

Thanks for commenting :smiley:


goods to see you. I hope you can still work in this game because is great.

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Very good to hear from ya! Yeah I’ve been there. College has been wiping me out lately.

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