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I have to agree that it wasn’t a tsunami, but that is media overhype in general for you.

One thing I think that was also an interesting sign is how many governorships actually changed hands. This is going to have an effect when the national census is taken and redistricting is done…and yes, this means we will hear news of lawsuits, etc. as the parties in charge try to maximize their personal benefit.


Florida, Florida, Florida.

Once again the Republicans benefit from the mistakes of an election ballot that was screwed up beyond repair - this time they didn’t need the courts to verify the screw up for what it was.

For the west coast, it was a Tidal Wave - California no longer has a republican stronghold and you can almost (one republican county in Washington disrupting this) go from the border of Canada to the Mexican border without leaving Democratic controlled seats.


Media can’t seem to decide whether to undersell or oversell.

This one has probably made an appearance here before, but it’s always true.


So Andy Serkis decided to poke fun of Brexit;

In other news, the EU court has ruled that UK can cancel Brexit without member states’ consent. This is promising to be a disaster.


Hey @P_Tigras maybe you really do need to start a new and saner conservative party in the US then the current Republican party is, according to this article. And of course Wisconsin and Walker are mentioned unfavourably a couple of times in there as well, poor @TSSL .


Why it would be a disaster to just cancel Brexit ? It will save lots of argument, blaming and money …

I meant if one want to cancel a decision, won’t it be easy just to cancel it than to go through another of political process ?


I think the disaster part comes when you tell people that you’re going to hold a binding referendum, and then when the result is something you don’t like/is too difficult to work out, you just cancel it. Regardless of the pros or cons of Brexit itself, that’s going to piss people off.


Brexit can be done for England/Albion the problem is that they tied up the Northern Irish peace process in with the EU and didn’t care to think that through before the referendum, because Cameron gambled on coalition 2.0 where one of the LibDems demands would most surely have been no referendum, so he could both promise it to regressive, recalcitrant Tory backbenchers while not having to actually organize one and being able to blame that on his LibDem Coalition partners and thus get the best of both worlds in his estimation.
Then in a stunning Producers-esque “Springtime for Hitler” situation the Tories somehow managed to win outright. And well the Brits got into the mess they are now as a result of that. Really why “piggy diddler” Cameron is not the most hated man in the UK right now eludes me.

That being said there is no reason why different parts of a country cannot have a different status vis-a-vis the EU. We actually have a negotiated regime for our Dutch and the French Carribean possesions where it is relatively easy to change their EU-inclusion status. Of course if the Brits want in on that regime it would only be fair to give Scotland another, separate EU referendum too, because a big reason for the Scots to vote to stay with the UK was staying in the EU…so now that Brexit is going to take them out against their will I’ve suddenly got a lot more sympathy for Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP.


We have one. It’s the Libertarian party. It’s the biggest third party in America, but that’s pretty faint praise all things considered.


The thing is people didn’t know what they were getting into when the Brexit vote took place. There was so much misinformation, big claims. I myself despite being a politics student didn’t vote due to that reason. But the fact that a call for a second referendum is now so loud only goes to show the problem with direct democracy in my opinion. Everyone has opinions, few are truly informed enough to make rational, informed decisions. That’s why mps making decisions, well it’s far from perfect, but can you think of anything less worse? So in my view it just shows how fucked the political landscape in the UK is, and how inefficient and pathetic our politicians are. I don’t want to rant too much, but here’s what’ll happen, here’s my educated guess. There’ll be a second referendum, remain will win, the middle class elites, politicians, journalists etc will continue to Blame Brexit on bigotry and racism, and declare the remain vote winning dismisses the concerns and issues that lead people to vote Brexit as bigoted, hateful, racist, Nazi nonsense. This’ll piss Brexiters and a lot of other people off, and of corse damage racial and religious tensions even further, then there’ll be a similar event to the London riots, one too many terrorist attacks will occur, one too many racist attacks will happen, then we’ll have even bigger riots than ever before. But hey, I’m a misanthropic pessimist, so don’t quote me on this xd.


Libertarians are not necessarily conservatives, what they are is an economic (and social) disaster and on behalf of my country I apologize that we inflicted that historical scourge on the world, because for a large part what would morph into modern libertarianism had its roots in our so-called “golden age” and the VOC mentality. :unamused: