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Maybe. Although Bolsonaro has been a deputy for a while, he hasn’t gotten support from many of his fellows while he was running. Some of the few who advocated for him campaign were senator Magno Malta from Espírito Santo (who failed to get re-elected) and Onyx Lorenzoni, one of the less influential federal deputies from our own Democats (a liberal-conservative right wing party). His frequent struggles with his former parties (like, say, the Social Christian Party) meant that Bolsonaro often had to join other groups who often provided with less personnel but offered a more homogenous group to work with. In a country with so many political parties, finding people in the Legislative who’d vote for his excesses without compromising will probably be difficult.

Yeah, I did read a similar analysis on The Guardian a couple of days ago. It seems like the GOP is going to be defined more and more as “the Trump party” and embrace his policies more and more for 2020.

That is true. While some people might have noticed the AfD gains the Bavaria and Hesse, the largest number of votes seem to be migrating from the CSU to the Greens, while the Social Democrats and other parties seem to hold the same-ish number of votes.

But the Green Party of Germany is an Europeanist group, right? We might see a coalition between them and similar parties in case the AfD gains a lot of seats in the next election.


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Yes, but since my last US address was in the District of Columbia, it’s functionally meaningless. :slight_smile:


Another thing… is it just me, or does Trump talking about “the embrace” in that press conference right after the midterms make him sound like a vampire?

I’d generally like the Green Party overall, though I really do not like Jill Stein :sweat:

I agree with this—Jeff Sessions is bad—but when Trump fires government people, is the replacement ever an improvement? :confounded:

I guess I’d see Pence as a danger even as vice president, so having Trump as president means we’re getting a bit of both. While I don’t think Trump is as actively homophobic, that’s really not that reassuring; he cozies up with people who are, and would be willing to throw us under the bus. He’s already doing this with transgender people. I don’t see Trump putting the brakes on efforts in the administration to reduce protections against discrimination or to enact so-called “religious freedom” to discriminate.

Did you have anything on the ballot you could vote for this year, then? :sweat_smile:

When I was counting absentee ballots on election day, international ballots (aside from military) could only vote for the federal-level positions—senator and representative—and none of the state or local ones, so… :sweat_smile:


Or like some kind of mob boss…

You’re either with him or against him.


Pence would be better than Trump because he’s a black hole of charisma and any half decent dem candidate would wreck him in an election.


Trump’s cancellation of a trip to visit American fallen in France is a shame and disgrace. The White House claims the weather was too poor for a flight there but White House chief of staff John Kelly and Gen. Joseph Dunford, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, made the roughly 50-mile long trip to the cemetery in a small motorcade of vehicles.

For a President that emphasizes his empathy and devotion to those who have and are now sacrificing themselves for the rest of America, Trump has a way of showing more disrespect and non-empathy than any President I can remember.


I’ve heard some say that organising a (US) presidential motorcade at the last minute is a tall order, due to the massive logistics/resources needed. Is this true?


Yes there is really no such thing as a spontaneous trip for the us president a lot goes into preparing an area for the presidents visits. However the president could have made the trip happen or at least sent pence in his place to slightly excuse his absence.


There’s no excuse. Absolutely pathetic.


This just shows you that trump really doesn’t give a shit (mind my language). You know at this point, I’m less disappointed of trump as a president then those who voted for him. These same people come up with the dumbest excuses. “Umm it was raining”. America has a 70 year old with the mentality of an 8 year old in office :worried:, let’s just hope that those people who didn’t vote in 2016 don’t make the same mistake a year from now.


I agree people overlook the things he does much too often. This would’ve all been different if he was some messed up mayor. But he’s the president of the united states, he represents America. How do you think other countries react to his stupid antics? I also find it hilarious how people loved to pick at everything Barack and Michelle did, they tried to turn everything they did into a mistake and constantly criticized them. Yet here is trump, doing whatever the hell he wants.


Trump was never good and the inspirational and/or comforting duties of most democratic politicians, in that he really does resemble an authoritarian strongman more. Though even they do such visits, though not out of empathy or commemorating the horrors of war but out of national pride.

France and Belgium are busy hosting many world-leaders right now and they are mobilized for it, preparations could probably have been in place in hours due to that, an extra day tops.
In addition, his political aides probably made three or four contingencies and alternatives, including a bad weather option, there is always a bad weather option among the plans. The former Obama aide is right about that, even our PM gets three or four versions counting contingencies. Even if his own White House is such a shambles that they didn’t in fact make any contingency plans then France could have helped arrange one in hours at the moment. Though if true that may have been a loss of face for Trump of course.

Quoted from the article @Sneaks linked to:
“Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel did not let the bad weather stop them from attending memorials in different parts of France.”

But then again where it concerns Trudeau France’s “bad” weather is lovely weather by Canadian standards, right @Cataphrak ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Cohen puts it better in the Atlantic:


Any weather in BC that doesn’t start massive global-warming-induced wildfires is lovely weather.


Yep, looks like Trump & Putin were the only notable absences. Either he was trying to make a statement (probably Putin was) or his administration really is this messy (probably not the case with Putin).

On the 100 year anniversary too. If he was trying to mark one more for the US in the history books, he’s probably succeeded.


Czar Putin is somewhat understandable, given the huge trauma Russia suffered during the war and the fact the sites those other world leaders visited mainly or perhaps all of them only had to do with the Western Front. Due to the troubles in Russia with the overthrow of the Czar and then the overthrow of the provisional government in no small part due to its decision to continue the hugely unpopular war, leading to the Bolsheviks concluding a separate peace at Brest-Litovsk, which means that unlike with the Soviet Union in WWII Russia was not really among the “victors” of WWI.
Given all of that, I can see why there would be less animus in Russia and certainly in Putin’s court to extensively commemorate those events a century after the date.

Now if Putin remains both healthy and in power until 2042 I could see him visiting the sites of the “Great Patriotic War” as the Russians/Soviets call it no matter the weather.


I definitely hope so, but we can’t forget the amount of congressists Bolsonaro managed to get elected that will actually suport him, and if I’m not mistaken he got a lot of people in. He’ll certainly have support from the Bible, bullets and agricultural part of the congress because of his far right ideas, it’ll IMO depend on his ability to make deals with those that do not have a “side” in the matters he will try to push.


Looks like Trump skipped going to Arlington National Cemetery as well, where more than 400,000 American soldiers are buried.

Hard to believe anyone could be this self-centered and uncaring.

…or he’s just throwing in the towel with his presidency.


I think we already knew that when he’s thinking of slimming the chances for people to get asylum. I’m not American, but most people know US for letting everyone in the country. He’s obviously using the title “president” too much. But, I don’t think he’s that dumb, economically, US is booming. It’s just the other issues that require some conscience that he’s flopping in. He’s got the support of people who have a lot of power, keeping his power. Schools don’t teach politics for a reason, to make sure the youngsters don’t understand what’s going on, letting the older people understand and support who they want (and in this case, it’s Trump)


I would argue schools don’t offer classes on politics until higher levels (my school offered several classes in politics when students entered their junior year.) because politics is a very complicated mess. Does Trump support actual conservative values. Hell no. Does he act like a president should. Not at all. However schools can’t teach politics at young ages due to how easy kids are to mold and manipulate. So one super biased teacher who teaches a politics class could change how these kids see things I find it a better system to let the kids figure out for themselves. (I’m a freshman in college so I guess I’m still one of those kids trying to figure it out lol) One thing that I’ve been noticing is that most conservatives are starting to become more libertarian which is a good thing in my opinion. Obviously there are extremes on both sides but most people tend to fall in the middle of the political spectrum theres really just 3-4 issues that cause us as a country to become so polarized. Anyways hope that made sense lol