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Facebook admits it was used to ‘incite offline violence’ in Myanmar

6 November 2018


Jeeeesus Christ Facebook was a mistake


Trump’s press conference after the the midterms seemed even more alarming than usual. It’s just wrong how he was treating Acosta and Alcindor. With Alcindor, it was just “I’m not racist, you’re racist” which is the same level of rhetoric as “I’m rubber and you’re glue.” With Acosta it really was bullying and felt literally frightening to watch; the way Trump was openly scolding him, and completely belittling and dismissing him is not how anyone should be treated. (He’s said that “that’s enough” line before, and what, is he treating them like they’re unruly children and anything other than syncophancy is out of line?) It’s not just treating him like he’s a child, because children wouldn’t deserve to be treated that way either. And calling him an enemy of the people to his face like that?

I was at least pleased to see a reporter standing up for a fellow reporter like this, anyway. I do kind of wish that just once I’d see a reporter really calling out Trump for his behavior during one of these press conferences—just tell him, yeah, you are being rude, that is inflamatory, that is insulting, that is bullying, that is against the code of conduct that elementary school students are expected to be able to follow, etc.

It’s ended up being quite a bit more than 625 votes. And Walker’s not getting that recount due to 2017 legislation that he had pushed through, which requires less than a 1% vote margin for a candidate to call a recount. The margin ended up just barely over 1%. Walker finally conceded, albeit rather late.


Why is this good?


I really hope they don’t impeach trump, becuase that means america will be stuck with pence and he’s 10 times more dangerous. Bottom line is pence covers his tracks, so there’s no way in hell ppl can find dirt on him and get him impeached.


Hmmm, I’m not too knowledgable about US politics relatively speaking, but from what I’ve read Pence is a lot more professional, more of a career politician and holds a lot of traditional republican views. So due to his more refined nature would be more effective at implementing policies. That’s the interpretation I’ve gotten from the few articles I’ve seen on Pence, he rearely appears in the news sites I use in the UK tbh.


Former Indiana resident here, Pence was kind of a nightmare for our LGBT folks when he was governor. Particularly he signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act into law, which allowed businesses to discriminate against gay people. He’s also been accused of supporting gay conversion therapy.

Also he doesn’t believe in climate change and tried to block Syrian refugees from resettling in Indiana. He might be better behaved than Trump, but he’s not good people.

I don’t like the guy.


I think the reasons for Trump to appoint a new and un-recused Attorney General are fairly obvious. I’m more curious about the timing. AGs have to be approved by the Senate. The Republicans have held a slight majority in the Senate for the past two years.

Couldn’t Trump have replaced Sessions anytime he wanted?

But for Trump to wait until after midterms, when the Republicans pick up a few more seats in the Senate, gives credence to an idea I’ve heard lately. The idea that Trump didn’t actually have a majority in the Senate, and that there were some Republicans who were anti-Trump and his agenda for one reason or another. Jeff Flake, McCain’s replacement, comes to mind.

If this is the case, then the story might not just be that Trump lost the House but that he gained the Senate during midterms. It sounds like a crazy, right-wing theory but luckily time will tell.


At this point, I’m pretty sure I would take Pence over Trump, and I’m saying this as a gay person who finds Pence chilling and personally threatening. But it’s a bit like choosing between arsenic and hemlock.

Aaaaaand, now that Walker’s conceded to Evers, the Wisconsin legislature is looking to strip away some of the governor’s executive powers :expressionless:

I’ve seen the idea floated that Trump delayed firing Sessions in case that might have an effect on the midterm election results. Now that those are over he won’t need to worry about the fallout as much.


This lefty thinks that’s unquestionably true. Just the fact that the Republicans expanded their majority means less will hang on Collins and the 2-3 other moderates. And by and large the winners in the Senate hugged Trump close. Anti-Trump sentiment hurt the GoP in the House, but seems to have not shaken too much at Senate level… reflecting the general dynamic where the Trumpian GoP does best at the less majoritarian levels of government.


Just out of curiosity. What do y’all think of Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson?


Ben Shapiro’s the dude with some really strong opinion about sex havers and isn’t Jordan Peterson the internet lobster man?


If you wish to boil them down on how popular media shows them then yes lobster man and the Jewish man who melts snowflakes would be how they are portrayed.



Considering they are popular media figures I think it’s perfectly fine to form opinions on them based on how they act in popular media.


Jeff Sessions was a neo-con warhawk


I always got the impression from interviews that Jordan Peterson is the kind of person that will disagree with you just for the sake of argument. Considering that neo nazis hold him in high regard I don’t have a lot of love for the man.


In the short term his dismissal doesn’t seem to be leading to anything good. Whitaker obviously has no intention of relinquishing oversight of the Mueller investigation to Rosenstein, despite being massively biased against it.


So now you simply have a moderate conservative instead of an arch-conservative as governor. I still liked your Green Party candidate best, pity he stood no chance whatsoever.

By all objective standards, Jeff Sessions features among the worst attorney generals in US history.

The real danger is that Pence is a hard-core “Christian” with a hard-on for persecuting gay people. As Indiana governor, his little crusade against LGBT people cost Indiana’s economy at least 250 million dollars if not more. Pence is not a man you should want to hand the presidency to, in that regard, he is a masterstroke by Trump and provides one more barrier to impeachment, no matter how corrupt and shitty Trump gets. :unamused:

Yep, plus there really is every reason to believe Pence would work better with his fellow Republicans and get more shit passed the radar, especially if the Trump media circus ends. Pence really would need the same level of media scrutiny as Trump but is cleverly too boring for the media to be interested in doing so.

No, Lindsey Grahan and the late John McCain wouldn’t have stood for it. Trump now has a friendlier Senate even if it comes with a hostile house. Which is why he wasted no time in finally firing mr. Sessions.
The new Republican Senate would likely appoint a ham sandwich attorney-general if mr. Trump asked them to.

So were you able to vote in the elections Havenstone?

I’m glad I’m not American, but I still disagree with you and @Havenstone on the potential dangers of a two and a half term president Pence. Guess I just like arsenic better, I suppose. :man_shrugging:


Well… At least the Greens have more chance of becoming the next Germany Chancellor than before … :wink:
With Markel stepping down, their supporters might split between CSU and AfD , but Greens currently could replace SPD as the 2nd largest party in Germany, and if they keep their momentum … could pull a surprise in 2 years time :slight_smile:


Sure. But what I’m concerned about is his replacement.