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For plan years through 2018, if you can afford health insurance but choose not to buy it, you may pay a fee called the individual Shared Responsibility Payment. (The fee is sometimes called the “penalty,” “fine,” or “individual mandate.”)

Starting with the 2019 plan year (for which you’ll file taxes in April 2020), the Shared Responsibility Payment no longer applies.



Voter Fraud, Voter Intimidation, and Other Election Crimes

Federal election crimes fall into three broad categories:

  • Campaign finance crimes, such as when candidates accept donations that violate the amounts or sources permitted under the law
  • Civil rights violations, involving cases of voter intimidation, coercion, threats and other tactics aimed at suppressing a person’s ability to vote
  • Voter fraud and voter registration fraud, such as when a vote is illegally cast in the name of a dead person or someone who’s moved

Many states have strengthened their voter ID requirements in the past few years to try to curb voter fraud.

If you suspect that voter fraud has occurred, report it to your state or territorial election office. You can also report it to:

If you witness or suspect voter intimidation or suppression, you can report it to your state or territorial election office or to the Voting Section of the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice. You can also use this online Election Complaint Report form.


So in France!
They can maybe go on he was senile during this period being in his mid 80s during the appointment. So level of his involvement in the Administration has been question. Honestly if you where French during this time period it would hard to swallow the Lion of Verdun would give the country up so early.


Holy crap Trump just fired Jeff Sessions.

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Wow. He moves fast. The ultimate dead cat strategy.


Not surprising, Trump always wanted to had him removed for not doing his duties, which including a scandal of his own with the Russians.


Wow. He moves fast. Legit the second the votes were counted. He fired him.


I never got that. I mean, as an outsider looking in, Sessions always seemed to be the most effective implementer of Trump agenda. Was it purely his recusal from the Russian stuff that made Trump hate him?


Probably. Trump will want an AG willing to sabotage/scuttle the Mueller Investigation, now that the Democrats have control of the house.


Yep, Trump demanded absolut loyality, from both Sessions and Comey, regarding the Russia collusion.


Partially, he hated him not just because he didn’t just stop the Russian scandal, but also he hated him (from what most of the media I know) is that he failed his duty of his office to defend his best interest as president.


Sessions did his duty thats why Trump fired him


Surely the House would vote to impeach if he tries? I can’t imagine he’d be able to get away with it. Though, perhaps that doesn’t matter if the Senate would never convict him.


The Democrats don’t have a large enough majority to get any impeachment measure through, so unless he does something beyond the pale even by his standards, he’ll be safe from removal.


Ahhh, thanks. Didn’t realise that.


The Republicans have a 54 majority in the senate all of whom who just were elected are all Trumpsters, so impeachment is highly unlikly at the moment.



Trump wants an Attorney General who will protect him the same way he believes Lynch (Obama’s AG) protected Hillary Clinton.

Impeachment is a two step process, with impeachment being only the first step. A trial in the US Senate follows impeachment by the House. The Senate is still controlled by Trump’s party and without a conviction in the Senate he can’t be removed. This is what happened to Bill Clinton. Afterward there was a public backlash against the Republicans after their failed attempt to remove him. I think many Democrats fear a similar backlash should they similarly fail.


Not that impeachment of Trump would improve things by much as then you’ve only ended up handing the presidency to Pence.