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I hope it was. Because I always hope everything is.




Take it any way you want. Honestly I hope the Finns will prove to me that it was by implementing a workable basic income that provides a decent standard.


So. The start of the Holocene Extinction Event is apparently pretty close.


I don’t live in the usa but I do know that “president” trump has been making a fuss about the amount of immigrants crossing the border to get into America illegally, and if you don’t already know he plans to build a wall and get Mexico to pay, cough never gonna happen.
I wanna know what some of you guys think on illegal immigrants crossing into the US.

    • Yes, it is illegal. However, it actually benefits the U.S. Plus, illegal immigrants are just people looking for an opportunity to better their lives.
    • It is ILLEGAL. Therefore, those who are okay with illegal immigration support CRIMINAL activity. Further, illegal immigrants take needed jobs.
    • I have no opinion whatsoever on the matter.
    • They’re not hurting anyone, so let them be.
    • They can come to to America, they just need to do it using a legal process, this keeps out criminals.
    • My opinion differs from these 5 choices (leave comment).

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Soooo, how ya feeling about that travel ban, oh you know, the one that bans a whole religion except for the islamic countries that have a ton of money…

  • We need to protect America first.
  • This foolishness need to end, the travel ban is ridiculous!
  • It would be ok if the travel ban was on all Islamic countries, but why wasn’t it placed on countries rich in oil like Saudi Arabia?
  • You cannot ban a whole damn religion from entering the U.S.A, they don’t only help our country but they are people too, and have a right to live here just like us.
  • It’s only a temporary ban, so it’s not that big of a deal.
  • My opinion is different (explain in comments).

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Ok, now how much do you think Donald trump has done for the black community? Because it’s something he prides himself in.

  • He hasn’t done diddly squat.
  • He has done more than most of our past presidents.
  • He has done somewhat enough for the black community.
  • My opinion differs (explain in comment section).

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Now ignore everyone else, and ignore the media, what do you truly believe?

  • Donald Trump is actually a good/great president.
  • He’s not great…but he’s decent.
  • He sucks.
  • He’s possibly the worst president there ever was.
  • My opinion differs

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If the election happened again and using imagination and ignoring the actual system the last three candidates were: Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Donald Trump- Who would you vote for? Don’t mind the stuff in brackets, it’s just their slogans.

  • Bernie Sanders (A Future To Believe In; Not me. Us. A Political Revolution Is Coming; Not For Sale; Enough Is Enough; Feel the Bern)
  • Hillary Clinton (I’m with her)
  • Donald Trump (Make America Great Again)
  • None of them

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Some people actually support the travel ban!? Actually banning more than 400,000,000 from entering a country! I’ve lost hope for yall. You wanna know something funny? Trump left out Saudi Arabia from the travel ban. Yet most of those who hijacked airliners to attack New York and Washington DC on 9/11, the deadliest terrorist episode in history, were Saudis. It’s all B.S. How can you say stuff like “it’s to protect our country” when in reality, all it’s doing is banning countries that trump doesn’t have the best relationship with. Trump only shy’s away from offending Saudi Arabia because he has business dealings with wealthy Saudis.


If we wanna tackle climate change we’ve got to talk about the other elephants in the room, aside from fossil fuels and that is containing and reducing the currently out-of-control human population growth in the most vulnerable nations (and to a lesser extent in the “developed” world too). Which means talking about the third proverbial elephant in the room, combating the go forth and multiply religious doctrine and the tribal belief that status and retirement options can only be measured by how many sons a man has sired. After that, particularly for the developed world it means hopping on to the fourth elephant, measuring economic performance by something other then the gdp growth rate, which is, at least until AI changes it, driven by steady population growth to increase the consumer market.

Combating climate change through the energy transition is all well and good, but it is just one elephant of a problem in a herd of at least five.


I generally feel safe as a black guy in the northern states.

Let’s see… he lit it blue, which Obama refused +1. But he does do the vaccination theory -2, oh and cures. -3

Overall hasn’t affected me much so… somewhere between sucks and decent.


He doesn’t believe in climate change (which isn’t really looking good on the IQ scale :worried:) -10
He thinks America used to be great (hence the “make america great again”), which it never was -10
He generalizes Mexicans as rapists and murderers, oooh that’s gonna cost some big points -20
And he said on camera that he thinks it’s ok to grab a woman by the pussy because apparently when you’re a star, they let you do it :roll_eyes: -20
Whoops! Let’s not forget he thinks Obama wasn’t born in America, and he’s still asking for his birth certification! -17


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My primary problem is that it’s illegal and they don’t pay taxes. I believe in making it easier to get here but being tougher on those who decide to come illegal and making it harder to come illegally.



Nice way of showing us what option you don’t like, putting those words in caps, sublety isn’t your strength :wink:


Any particular reason you don’t think America was/is great?


To put all the hullabaloo into perspective…

“The illegal entry of non-nationals into the United States is a misdemeanor according to the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965.”


I’m not quite sure how that makes it any better. Is crime okay as long as its low level crime?

I believe the problem most people have isn’t necessarily breaking the law by entering illegally. Its that by not going through the proper channels these individuals cannot be vetted or checked for illegal substances and contraband. They also can’t pay taxes and make it more difficult for other immigrants to get jobs. And it also keeps that illegal immigrant from being eligible for employment legally allowing them to be exploited for cheap labor. I don’t think any rational person in America doesn’t want immigrants. They just want them to come in legally. That way they will have the best chances for success in America, and Americans can ensure that those people coming in aren’t dangerous and want to be productive Americans. I’m not sure whats so crazy about wanting to make sure those people who come in to your country to live out the rest of their lives are good people who will be a boon to your nation.


When your entire history is you stabbing every ally you have in the back and commiting genocide for ressources because you think you have some kind of holy right to do so, you are not great. You are an asshole.


When’d I say it was crazy to want people to enter through lawful processes? You read my post but interpreted only what you wanted to argue against, which was nothing at all to do with what I copy-pasted. Let’s not flail around randomly throwing goalposts everywhere or at least don’t include me in that game.

How these people are being treated, especially under Trump, and the “0% Policy” is wildly disproportionate to how other misdemeanors are treated.

Other misdemeanors that require punishment just as severe or worse include: copying the likeness of Smokey the Bear, bringing fireworks across state lines where they’re illegal, making your own dentures, mailing anything to do with a lottery.

So, you tell me… when’s the last time a cop stopped and randomly searched you for a postal package containing scratch cards or records of your office lottery? When were your grandparents dentures inspected for authenticity or evidence of being altered after manufacture?

I lived between NH and MA all my life, and I’ve never heard of a car being stopped and the children taken away because of fireworks.

Can you understand my comment about disproportionate treatment of this specific misdemeanor, now?


I’m sorry if you took offense to my comment. That wasn’t my intention. But your comment seemed to imply that illegally crossing the border was just a misdemeanor so there wasn’t much of a problem. As for the “I don’t think its crazy” part I was just speaking out loud. In fact, the only real part of my previous comment that I was addressing you directly was the part where I asked whether or not you believed it was any less of a crime because of its misdemeanor status. I’ll change my post to try to make it clearer.

As for disproportionate treatment, this is a special case. These are, for all intensive purposes, potentially dangerous individuals who crossed the border illegally (which already makes them suspect to a more thorough examination). And misdemeanors come with varying degrees of punishment. And if you come over the border repeatedly the punishment goes up. So one of those people who are caught two or more times? They can see up to six months imprisonment.

As for your analogies, there are always bad cops and good cops. Thats everywhere. But these bad examples shouldn’t be indicative of how it is as a whole.


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Lol, I actually put in caps because a lot of Americans like to stress on the fact that they’re illegal and nothing else right? But nice try. finger guns
Oh and it’s actually subtlety, guess spelling isn’t your greatest strength :wink:

For why america was never great: Slavery, this isn’t even our land, women’s lack of rights, shall I go on? I mean America was fine from say the 70’s maybe till now but even still it isn’t great.