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Hey @idonotlikeusernames, I’m referring to the last 20 years. The thing is, I do respect Labour somewhat (this is the party that helped rebuild UK after WW2) and I know that it is somewhat the US equivalent to Democrats ( although if I’m wrong please enlighten me, not kill me). The problem is, and I could be wrong, the last Labour administration under Brown almost put UK in debt. Conservatives may be bad, but the very least, they were trying to rebuild themselves economically when Cameron came into power. Of course, with Brexit, the shit hit the fan. As for Liberal, keep in mind the reason why they aren’t in a position in power is because of the screw up over power during World War 1 and after the coalition government, it’s going to take awhile to rebuild the position they were before.


Donald Trump just announced that he has the right to pardon himself.

What is this… why would he… I can’t even…

Guns of Infinity(Continuation)

What Trump can do and what he says he can do are rarely the same thing. If he did try and pardon himself (which by the way, isn’t him making such a big deal of his ability to do so basically an admission of guilt at this point?) it would without a doubt end up in the Supreme Court. There’s no way he’d just be able to absolve himself of his crimes with no push back.


I know that. What I meant was, why would he go out and say that? That has to be the stupidest thing I’ve heard from him yet.


Then you haven’t heard a lot.

He didn’t know he was the President of the US Virgin Islands and called the governor of it Mr. President.


I think you could ask that about at least half of the things he says. He doesn’t do strategy and planning and scheming, especially when it comes to the Mueller investigation. He usually reacts with emotion first and blurts whatever comes to mind and makes him feel good, consequences be damned.

I hadn’t actually heard of that bit before, but you’re probably right. Regardless though, if the chips were down and impeachment seemed imminent, I’d put my money on him trying it anyway and arguing his case before the court.


Turns out I was mistaken. The assistant to the Acting Attourney-General made the statement.

The idea that the Supreme Court would rule against this odious practice is somewhat tempered by the fact that at least one of his guys is on the bench, and a good portion of them don’t have a sterling voting record.

@Bryce_Kaldwin The amount of people that referred to Sonia Sotomayor as a “Puerto Rican immigrant” – and really, the amount of people ignorant of the fact that Puerto Ricans are in fact American citizens – is depressing, really. The fact that we transparently treat our overseas territories like trash is one of the things that disgusts me about my country.


Just call them colonies, overseas Territories was the term we created to go and say that we don’t have colonies.


You mean the conservative dominated Supreme Court? The one which made Citizens United and the one that just recently issued the Epic Systems v Lewis ruling, that one?
I predict a 5-4 split in favour of Trump with the Court’s current makeup. Or maybe Roberts will surprise me but Trump has, I think, at least three guaranteed Supreme Court votes on this.


Impeachment isn’t decided by the courts it is done by Congress.


The Republican majority Congress, so it won’t be done by Congress before next year and that is assuming your Democrats make enough gains. Even then Trump will have only about a year left before presidential campaigning starts again in earnest and they may prefer to leave him as it would presumably be easier to inveigh against him on the campaign trail as compared to Mike Pence who might very well win.
I think I too would almost prefer if they left him a lame duck without the Republican majorities at his back, cause the thought of President Mike Pence scares the crap out of me as a gay guy.

Edit, and with these sorts of candidates I wouldn’t be surprised if the Republicans retain their majorities. @Rogar you actually live in New Jersey, don’t you? Where even the supposed nominal "left"wing party of the US is nothing but a raging dumpster fire and a swamp as bad as the Trump administration.


The political world seems a little hectic nowadays. The political situation in the USA is… concerning, and it seems like they’re getting closer to impeachment, or some kind of civil war.

But who knows! Maybe Teresa May will admit defeat and cast another vote on the EU, we vote for a party that actually does something about the rather poor state of the NHS, and the USA will sort themselves out.


Mendez’s opponent was pretty good. He didn’t have enough money to properly run it so use Force to drop out. But you do understand so unpopular right now a to a completely unknown publisher was able to get leg up on this race and she definitely did not have funds.

My on District as is is the base to one of the moderate Republican left. At the same time it does have a strong democratic presence. In New Jersey is one of the poster child among the Democratic party for the typical corruption you think of when you think of politicians sadly.


So what do you think of Menendez’s Republican opponent, Hugin who seems to be positioning himself as a “moderate”, even socially liberal Republican? Is there something there or is this, to put it in South Park terms, a choice between a douche and a turd sandwich?

So, what does that mean at present, a LibDem majority government for the first time since the Liberals dwindled into steady irrelevance after Gallipoli more then a century ago?


Just wanted to link here an interview that CNN held with my Prime Minister a day before the Trump-Kim summit.
There’s a particular section beginning around 12:00 where they discuss Trump and America’s trade deficit rather articulately.


I just read an article from a mainstream news organization that is seriously putting forth the idea that the United States should be broken up. This alarms me.


This is disturbing beyond words considering we put this to bed back in the 1860s. I would personally die then break the union over anything particularly even the ideas that they are suggestion I just so faulty to break up the sovereignty of this nation. They also don’t realize how all interconnected they are in some of them will shrivel and die without federal support.


I have to roll my eyes at lines like “That was, after all, the reason voters elected a businessman, Donald Trump, as president.” I’m just sick of hot takes pointing at any one reason why Trump got elected.

Also, since the author mentioned Calexit like it’s a real thing, I can’t take the article seriously. Calexit isn’t happening. Even the current attempt to break the state up into 3 is silly and I don’t know anyone who supports it.

We are living in horrible, uncertain times but I don’t truly think the nation is going to, or even should, split up.


Or it is the natural ebb and flow of history. After all:

"The world under heaven, after a long period of division, tends to unite; after a long period of union, tends to divide. This has been so since antiquity. ”

But don’t you worry the EU break-up will probably precede that. Although most people talk about the current migrant crisis as being the instigator to that, I think the great firewall and the censorship of upload filtering are more likely, if slightly more distant candidates, once the economic and social effects of of a possible European digital prohibition will be felt. The fallout from that, while potentially disastrous for people like me in Europe might scare your elites enough to reconsider.

But to trot out a likely future exclamation of my Zombie Exodus mc: “For the New Colorado Republic!” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The only state that can possibly separate itself from the US would be Florida. By digging a huge moat. To that I say, please do. Dutch industry might need the business if the new EU Copyright Directive passes unaltered and we enter an age of digital prohibition.


I think a local rabbit has already taken that contract