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@817819 I’m fairly familiar with it, yes. What specifically did you want to discuss?


Regarding the success or failure of open rebellion it seems to me the military would act much the same way it did last time and split into two groups if that’s the case I fail to see how owning a weapon is useless in a fight for this nation armor will only get you so far at some point you’ll need a substantial infantry presence to win a long term fight


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There are a whole lot of really big differences between the civil war and this current situation that you’re not touching on. The southern states that seceded did so because of they didn’t want to free the black people they were keeping as slaves. I’m sure we can all say that they didn’t exactly have the moral high ground in that case, but morality doesn’t tend to have much relevance in starting a war. The reason they wanted to keep all those black people dehumanized and enslaved is because their economy was built on the free labor those people provided. They spun it as a matter of states’ rights, that the feds were going to take their slaves. And the feds were in fact trying to take their slaves, or at least keep them from having them anymore.

How is that similar to this current situation?


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@Havenstone I suppose you could have a point there. I don’t know that much about Northern Ireland before independence, and afterwards it became a living hell of Protestants and Catholics killing each other for being the wrong type of Christian if I remember correctly. This may not be meaningful, but I do find it amusing to think that England doesn’t seem to have a lot of luck in suppressing revolts from their own people…


@817819, the way to protect yourself from the American government is to politically organize with other like-minded people (e.g. all that “community organization” that President Obama was so mocked for, and which has nonetheless won him elections despite his highly mixed track record in office) and get people elected who share your concerns.

The NRA understands that, and that’s what they’re really all about. The whole idea of household gun ownership as protection against tyranny is ideological window-dressing. People who take it seriously begin to say very silly things about how countries without private gun ownership are at risk of sliding into authoritarianism or chaos.

The real protection against tyranny is the ability to organize to hold the government to account, and the virtue of the American system is that it does that just fine without the threat of violence. Including, notably, for the gun lobby.


Personally, I say if Texas is willing to start a war in order to secede, then just let them secede… Well, in a perfect world, that’s what I’d like to say, but realistically, can Texas actually support itself without the rest of the US? How much food do they grow? Seems like we might end up created a third world country on our doorstep. It took them all of a year of independence to start asking to be annexed the first time.


I, being a military man, quite enjoy the perks and added feeling of safety that guns bring. I have quite the arsenal in my closet…

The NRA are a little too far right for me. Once they start talking about militias and coups my mind goes all fuzzy and I start thinking of how impossible that would be in America.

God bless America.


Texas is not going to secede. Even if we actually managed to do so (I am a Texan), it would be impossible to sustain ourselves. Please elaborate…it’s been a while since I’ve been on. I’m looking for a good discussion. :slight_smile:


I’d say it has a decent shot. Mix of agriculture, and industrial economy, lots of natural resources, a history that would compelling its citizens to nationalism


Heh. Trust me, I love Texas, 817819, but for now, I think we’re just fine with America.


@revanrulesrussia I am a texan as well though we have differing opinions on the matter


@revanrulesrussia Military people owning guns is a little different imo. You guys are heavily trained on gun safety and how unpleasant it is to be shot at.

As for the secession stuff, it’s just a short discussion that started in the Zombie exodus thread and was moved to the previous page of this one. The first posts are by Havenstone and 817819.


I’m not a violent man but I certainly would fight to defend my gun she’s my baby


@Shoelip I haven’t been shot at yet, thank God. But what would you want for civilians? Stricter gun purchasing laws? An extensive safety program? In Texas, you can go to a gun store or Academy, and after a quick license check and some paperwork, walk out with a handgun. I personally disagree with this. But, anyway, what is your opinion on civilian gun ownership?


@817819 Trust me, man, a Marine and his gun are closer than him and his significant other.


@817819 I’m getting images of Stephen Colbert and his beloved revolver. The way I hear it, the NRA seems to want people to believe is that any form of gun control whatsoever is somehow identical to taking all our guns. You can’t honestly say that background checks designed to make sure that people who shouldn’t be allowed to own tools designed specifically for killing other human beings can’t get them through legitimate means would make you feel less safe?

@reveanrulesrussia What I really want is for guns to only exist in video games, and the armed forces guarding earth from the threat hostile space aliens… but that’s not really realistic right now or any time in the foreseeable future (Star Trek would be nice).

I suppose more realistically, yeah, background checks to make sure people with who are clearly a threat of violence don’t get guns through legitimate channels would be wonderful, and it’d be great if that could include gun shows.

@817819 Besides, how many guns do you need when you have such a good relationship with whichever one you’re referring to? Surely you arne’t an advocate of firearm polygamy. :stuck_out_tongue:


@Shoelip This is where the NRA are a little too extreme in my eyes. We need stricter gun laws, but it shouldn’t be impossible to get one, like it is in New York. There has to be a perfect balance that we can achieve in gun safety. Not just anyone should be able to walk in a store with a couple bucks and out with a gun, but the government shouldn’t make it easier to win a marathon than buy a handgun.

Well, I’ll be taking my leave now. Good night. I will see if I can come on tomorrow.


@shoelip I do support background checks, I disagree with you on the issue of assault weapons. I just hope we can all agree this is too farhttp://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2013/09/08/iowa-grants-gun-permits-to-the-blind/2780303/