Politics Thread


That was a joke…


Thus the haha :stuck_out_tongue:


Party:undecided, though pretty liberal


Vote Zed for True Communist!


Well Rons out so you got my support @Zed


@Zed You have my vote comrade :smiley:


Age: 54
Party: Was Republican for many years, now Democrat.

Normally, I don’t talk politics on gaming forums. But I’ll make an exception this once, if it’s to be a serious discussion. And I’ll try to refrain from inflammatory speech, though that’s usually the territory where all political discussions on forums end up, which is why I typically avoid them. But here are my opinions, and solely my opinions…

I don’t like the country’s laws being used to put more money in the pockets of the wealthiest few, who to me are clearly trying to buy the current election. I also don’t trust a candidate who hides his personal wealth in overseas banks and won’t divulge his total worth. I also think that if the Republicans don’t like the current Health bill, they should at least say what they would do instead, and be specific about it, not just say, well, we’d take it a step at a time. To me, that’s a cop out. If Congress did try to take something a “step at a time,” they’d pass some steps and not others, and in the end you’d have a big inconsistent mess. Better to pass a single all-inclusive, self-consistent bill, even if it is over 1000 pages. And they freely admit they haven’t read it all—whose fault is that? They’re in Congress, they should read these bills if they haven’t; it’s part of the job description.

While the Affordable Care Act in its entirety hasn’t been proven as viable for America, it hasn’t been proven not to be either, so why can’t we, since it has been passed and found constitutional, try it and see whether it works or not? If Americans as a country decide they don’t like it, then we will more willingly listen to an alternative plan from the Republicans. Maybe the Republicans are afraid the American people will like it—and that would be bad for the Republican party. Well, I don’t think decisions that affect all Americans should be made based on whether they are best for a single party.

To me, the Republicans are acting like a spoiled brat who got a red lollipop and wanted an orange one. They didn’t get their way, and now they are trying to bully the rest of the country into getting what they want by throwing their figurative weight around (i.e., spending lots of money to buy the election).


Older then dirt.
I for one am and indepentant, think the whole system is not worth the two cents in my pocket. opps half cent as they just taxed me. I try to stay out of the way as my solution of removing them all and having your avrg. Joe run for office with no more then a 200 dollar spending limit did not go over to well. I will say no more as you want a serious topic here.


Age 23
Party:New Bolshevik of Vladivostok Replublic
Even i belive in Freedom but some how i obsessed with communism and socialism but i am a Liberal-Socialist.Member of Vladivostok paliament


Age 18
Party:monster raving loony party


Age 17
Party:Stalinist Anti-revisionist “Extremist” Militant Party Vanguardist

Well who should I shoot first?


And I ain’t kidding.

I should shoot zed first his true communist beliefs seems revisionist to me.

On second thought I will shoot Sintaro first he called communism unrealistic.


I don’t believe in the government, I believe in the ideal
And True Communism is The Original idea, so it’s not Revisionist


I am Stalinist I decide what is revisionist and you my friend are a small time menshevic
and scoundrel of the capitalist dogs.
No offence but this is how a Stalinist talks.


Well he’s the “Real” Dictator.We belive in the ideal of communism not shooting people and order excution of you which instead that make you a Dictator.But anyway i like Lenin more than Stalin but in another word i like them both


Vote @Zed for the next Chairman and commence Stalin operation “Purge”


Set up The coup and place myself as The Chairman of Vladivostok Replublic


If Lenin lived longer then what Stalin did would have become x 10
Lenin was even more hardcore than Stalin in pretty much everything.


But i belive that this isn’t what Karl Marx and Engel want for us.Maybe they want the equality of people no more Nobiliy or beggar just A Person and many persons to be equal to all


Karl Marx created the Idealogy, True Communism Has never Truly been Established, and Thus True Communism is an Ideal which Can be summed up in one sentence:
Abolish All Private Property.