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A thread for discussing politics.

After the End (WIP)
My experience in an anti Trump rally and my news interview
United We Stand - Political WIP
Ok.. Just some new from Global News, no need to over react
Donald trump 🤨
United We Stand - Political WIP

Age: 16
Party: If pressed Republican Neo-conservatanism. But i call myself Conservative


Age: 13
Party: Diehard True Communist


@Zed hahaha do you man, do you (;


Party:Uncdecided, Im still learing Politics.


Yeah! Wait, what is this for???


Obviously RRR is trying to find his footing to know who’s on his side. When he has said support HE SHALL CONSUME THE WORLD IN HIS HUNGER FOR POWER MWAHAHAHAHA :smiley:


Thanks for summerizing my plan. This forum is a serious forum for political discussions.


Damn, was Starting to think this was an elaborate RP Involving each Char Running for President


That would be cool…but no.






Meh i hate politics considering my beliefs are laughed at by many republicans, and the other half by liberal. RONPAUL2012 :smiley:




Ugh. Personally CANNOT STAND Mitt, he’s not consistent enough for me his views have changed tons through the race




I vote Shepard for president


Get out


Haha. Shepard was too far? Kony, child soldiering crazy dude, is not, but shepard is???


Hey we need a paragon pres sorry me for obama