Politics, free speech, that stuff

I have a feeling my personal politics wouldn’t align with much of what I see here on the forums and with the company in general, because of this I try where possible to avoid politics in stories, but I’m not entirely sure what topics if any are off the table (as in legitimately off the table, not just community backlash/less appeal). Is there a informal guideline around this beyond the rules?

Edit: Specifically for the Hosted Games label, not just the forums

As long as you don’t personally attack or harass others, stay on topic, and try not to swear too much, I believe there’s no real restrictions.

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I mean in works to be published under the Hosted Games label, not just the forums, I probably should mention that in the original post

I’d say you first have to define what you mean by politics.

Do you mean games that address historical stuff and dissect things like racism in the course of the game?

Or do you mean you don’t like having the option to play as trans, or that you are p*ssed when games treat black people as, y’know, people?

Cause if it’s the latter, yes, you might want to bugger off, I think.


Yes, Ozymandias, I do think that your politics of manufacturing a fake alien attack in order to avoid a nuclear war wouldn’t be accepted here. First of all, I believe most of us are pro-apocalyptic anyway.


Yeah. I agree with @MeltingPenguins. I think you’d need to give us a little more specifics before you can get a good answer to that.

Generally politics are left out of CS games except in a few broad strokes in a few games.

You say you think most of this comunity would disagree with your politics… that might be an issue because the only sort of political thing this comunity generally agrees on is the importance of sensitivity and inclusion. If what you’re calling politics opposes those ideals then yeah I think it’s expressly against the rules for a CoG.


@MeltingPenguins @Camille622 I would prefer not to mention my politics, here or anywhere, I think it is something to be kept private, but they do not involve racial or gender discrimination. It’s just that I’m unsure what is acceptable and I do not want to cause conflict in a community I otherwise enjoy greatly. Some Choice of Games works are overt in which political opinions the author subscribes to, and I’m not sure how far this goes

@MahatmaDagon I think you’ll find this is as much your victory as it is mine. Alien apocalypse is admittedly close to my story premise… Perhaps I have taken too much to my namesake

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I believe the general rule of thumb is:

  • Don’t act as if any given demographic is better than any other just for a non-active factor about them. AkA no one is better than anyone else because of their race, gender, etc. It’s actions that counts.
  • going with that: don’t declare the actions of one group right and just if they do more harm than good (if any good at all)

Going by observation, at least.

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He has no need to talk about it. He already did it thirty-five minutes ago.


Look, if the world is going to get saved by a flying v*gina dentata from between the dimensions of reality, i’m not complaining.


I don’t know why you’re asking the forums this question. If you have a specific question, ask the company. Otherwise, this is just trolling.