Pokemon GO (and to talk about Pokemon)



Is that the third game where you can catch the trio leader like Emerald and Platinum?

And they’re going to make a Pokemon Z? I thought they abandoned that idea and went straight for Gen 7.

I am confuzzled.

On a side note,I managed to download Pokemon GO from a website.And it was the real thing,no malware or any of that bull. So yay,I guess.

It still doesn’t work though.I’ll finish my character creation and it will just keep searching for my GPS.And since it’s not out in where I live,I guess I’m outta luck. :cry:


Never mind, try tomorrow with Pokemon GO, I’m going to try that and if not I’ll start crying in a corner somewhere.

Eclipse is the middle child of Gen 7, the cover star is a three headed dog like Cerbyus from Greek mythology.

They are still going to do pokemon Z, but I think it’s only in Japan and America or something like that.


Well,on the bright side…IT ACTUALLY WORKED!

Sure,I got disconnected from the servers like 5 seconds in,but it works!!! :grin:


Surprisingly enough, the game works fine for me most of the time - except when the servers are down, but that’s just part of the Pokemon Go experience.

Also, my fav Pokemon is Snubbull. That little critter is my spirit animal.


The game has nearly gotten me killed. A friend stopped her car because there was a Pidgey.

On the up side we both caught a Pidgey.


Your life may have nearly ended…

…but you caught a god damn Pidgey.

The reward is DEFINITELY worth the risk.


Hey guys first off awesome game ,Actually meeting other like mined folks is great ,

In regards to Op’s question could be severs overloading and/or network connection issuses

lastly Charizard 4 the win


Who are my favourite Pokemon?





Just byotiful.

Magikarp and Psyduck will rule all.


Hehe yes, embrace glitches like an old NES, it will eventually get better. Gotta go hunting!!


heh, Pokemon was one of my favorite cartoons and games too. Always loved Pikachu.
take me back to my childhood…


What I love the most about pokemon go is how it not only got people to exercise and go outside, but it has also brought people from all ages and walks of life together through a common interest. One could argue that it has also torn us apart because of the teams and all but let’s focus on the happy side.


Just gonna throw this out there for safety reasons do not go towards other people’s lures. Quite a large number of people have been getting robbed this way.

So far it’s been what? Like a week or two since pokemon go came out and we’ve already amassed quite a large number of fatalities and injuries because of it. Call me crazy but I think I’ll stick with my soul silver cartridge in my gameboy if I want to play pokemon.

Also Cyndaquil is my favourite pokemon. What can I say it was my first starter.


Pokémon Go might kill you. Here’s how.

It’s an article about all the dangers of Pokemon Go, from people using it while driving and crashing, to being used by thieves to target people, to people doing themselves injuries while not paying attention to their surroundings. (And much more) Lots and lots of links to other news sources too.


Meeting new people is all good and well, but be careful - especially if you happen to be a woman. Many a creepy dude is apparently using the app to get close to and hit on women.


Nope, still won’t let me get past the sign in :expressionless:.


Also, that’s a cheery thing to say to all the children of the world who love pokemon ad are playing on it right now.


Oh all sorts of things have happened because of PokemonGo. A 16 year old girl found a dead body by a river (ruled an accidental drowning). Two teenage boys saved a couple who were OD-ing in their car. A woman caught her boyfriend cheating because he caught a pokemon at his ex’s place. LoveisLove the Clefairy owns Westboro Baptist Church Gym. Cities are setting up poke-crawls which is a pub crawl, but with a route designed to hit gyms/pokestops where the bars are serving pokemon themed drinks.
These are only a few things I’ve heard. Yeah cruddy things will happen but they happen every day. A large amount of good is coming from it too. Heck, I’m talking to strangers in parking lot and I hate people. But there I am trading tips and whatnot all because we both had our smartphones out and they spoke first.
Or I’m being gently judged by someone who thinks it’s silly, but then proceeds to tell me how their child/sibling/coworker/neighbor/friend is playing it and that they’re curious about what’s going on. It’s like their brains go, “Oh I should ask the sandwich girl playing on her smoke break outside the gas station because she really wants to talk to me and I need another player’s perspective then I will end the conversation with something along the lines of “don’t walk into traffic” because she’s stupid enough to get killed over a game because my child/sibling/coworker/neighbor/friend is.” (Otherwise known as every day at work since I downloaded it.) XD.


I haven’t had any gps or server problems yet luckerly and i managed to catch a weedle this morning, my favorite Pokemon would be Pidgeot.


I would hope children aren’t the target of middle-aged men intent on getting laid…