Pokemon GO (and to talk about Pokemon)


Hi guys :smile:
I have started this topic because I know a lot of people who are having trouble with this game, and me being one of them :sweat_smile:. So first things first: what does it mean by “GPS signal not found”? Probably obvious but I’m just a blank piece of paper.
P.S this is a separate thread because we can also talk likeminded here and its not just a game :smile:. But if dealt necessary please do move it.


Probably that the GPS function on your phone must be on and functioning if you want to be able to play the game.


Well the GPS on my phone is on, but it still says that and I quite frankly find it confusing.


Then it can’t find the signal of the GPS-satellites, for some reason, or doesn’t have access to… I thought it was the standard maps app, on an android phone, at least.


Well I don’t know either :disappointed_relieved: that’s why I started up this thread to find the solution.


Try doing a hard reset of your phone/tablet. That fixed the issue on my iPhone when I kept getting the “GPS signal not found” message.


OK I will try.
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You also can’t be in like an elevator or underground, or in a big building. Even if you have GPS on you might not be found. You can try adjusting the precision of your GPS too.


Well,I guess since this is technically the Pokemon thread,I might as well ask the obligatory question.

Who’s your favorite Pokeman?

Mine is Bulbasaur.

Just look at it.

It’s adorable.


Well I did a reset on my phone and I can’t get it at all now :crying_cat_face: I don’t know why and I can’t use my gmail acoubt now as well :cry: I don’t know what to do :cry:.


Delete the app and reinstall.


It might just be a problem with the servers being overloaded. Try it again in an hour or two?



Pokemon GO is extremely,and I mean EXTREMELY glitchy.

There is a very high chance that there are a fair amount of people out of there who have the same problem as you,if not worse.

Just give it some time,and it should start working again.


The reason is being delayed in many countries it’s because of the glitches. Too many people downloaded it at once and it caused it to crash. These are problems of the game rather than your phone. It’ll be fixed soon.

Also, @AAO of Pokemon Go? Charizard. Of the whole saga? Absol.


Exactly.The game was too successful for it’s own good.

And,this is only my opinion,but Pokemon GO doesn’t look that great,really.

But it’s probably just cuz I’m salty that it’s not releases in my country yet.

Also,Absol is bae. :heart_eyes:


Thanks for the help guys, sorry if I’m a bit of a nuisance when it comes to technology :imp:. Anyway let’s talk about Pokémon shall we? My favourite Pokemon is Gallade since it stands means “Gall ient Bl adeI can also mega evolve my shiny Gallade also Lucario, Greninja and Absol since I love their mega evolutions and the Pokemon pokedex entries.
My favourite legendary Pokemon are Suicune, Darkrai, Zekrom, victini and Zygarde.


When it comes to legendary Pokemon,Rayquaza is my choice.It is the most badass creature I have EVER seen.

Also Mew,because it’s extremely adorable.


I love shiny mew, but in Sun, Moon and Eclipse they are going to mega evolve it apparently? Along with Zoroark, Unova starters, Celibi, Legendary dog Pokemon AND Dragonite with Raichu joining along in the ride. If this is true or not I don’t know but still, love a mystery…



Shouldn’t Raichu get the mega evolution?

I mean,it’s the final evolution of Pikachu;why wouldn’t it?

And I have a feeling that they’re going to mega evolve the Johto starters,since in Gen 6 they mega evolved the Kanto ones,and the Hoenn ones got one as well.

It’d make sense if the Johto starters would get one.


Eh, probably wrong but if you haven’t noticed already that Nintendo have started to run out of ideas for likeminded designs, don’t believe me then look at this http://www.pokemon.com/us/ and you will see what I mean. As for the Johto starters and Raichu mega evolution well that’s a different Tailow.

The Johto starters (Maganium, Tysploshion, Feraligator) they say that Nintendo and the Pokemon company don’t want them to mega evolve since people would expect a new game since its quite close to ORAS and they are currantly funding Sun, Moon, Eclipse and Pokemon Z so you see their problem.

Mega Raichu has a simple answer: People would expect Ash Ketchup’s (inside joke with pikachu liking ketchup Ha Ha) Pikachu to evolve into Raichu, get Raichunite then mega evolve as well as Ash-Greninja (which I think is badass, and more so shiny) and that will break the pokemon Anime rule of only one pokemon allowed to mega evolve which they don’t want to break. Besides, they were thinking of mega evolving Ash’s Charizard before they came up with Ash-Greninja as well. Ridiculous answer I know but apparently it’s all true :expressionless:.